Friday, 18 December 2009

mutt dog copys and scrap flies

well the snows still falling so sitting in front of the vice with ever lasting mugs of coffee is how its to be for the next few days , so im diging around in the boxes and draws and dawns on me that ive got quite a few scraps of stuff left , you know the sort of thing bits of fur a bit of sparkly stuff and i dont throw anything away as i always think there will be a use for it somewhere along the line .... so todays effort is scrap flies and mutt dog copys
so i found in a bag a couple of bits of zonker strip and a bit of green sparkly stuff so well had to be a small schulpin made , the thing is it wil be in my box and i may never fish it but i may have the urge to try it (does anybody else get that felling of put that fly on it will catch) and may bring a bonus fish on an otherwise fishless day so im a creature of superstition so it probably will get wet at somepoint ..........stay tuned

not my idea this ken capsey over at posted a couple he had made the other day and i really liked the idea Ive tied similar but ken nailed the design of it so i had to have a few for the box unfortunately i didn't have the colours i needed in marabou so went with just what i had they will still catch fish though , i feel a trip to the tying shop coming on . marabou is such a wonder full medium to work with and is fantastic in the water i really don't know why i don't do more of them , well actually i think i will thanks for the idea ken

still mucking around with some ideas for smallmouths and largemouth bass for my u.s.a trip in may im kinda liking the idea of big shrimp patterns for the rivers so came up with this and im sure ill have a box full by the time may comes cant wait the picture below is mainly done with dubbing and bit of a plastic bag yes plastic bag so something different for me to do stay tuned for more

tight lines fluff flingers
dave mcfluffchucker
(a cave in Scotland)


pikepicker said...

sweet bro...patterns that will no doubt catch you fish over here!

dave lindsay said...

cheers ken

pikepicker said...

your an inspiration bro...I was following your standard as a wee pikepicker, I owe you mate!