Tuesday, 22 December 2009

tuesday tie off

this week it was ken capsey over at pike adventures choice for the material for the Tuesday tie off so this week he picked a staple of fly tying Mylar tubing now Mylar is pretty much in every fly tiers box as it has so many uses so your bound to have some if you want to try these patterns

my choice of fly for the tie off is a simple little shinner type bait fish at 2 inch's long not only will this be great for fish like large and small mouths in the u.s.a but it also chub and perch in the UK

all the flys have a Mylar tubing body which shows through once wet , the hooks are a 1/0 fulling mill scorpion hook very very sharp .

if you want to see what ken got up to on the tie off here's the link


enjoy the ties and see ya all tomorrow

Dave mcfluffchucker
a cave in Scotland

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