Wednesday, 2 December 2009

great 3d eyes

now one thing I'm always running short on is eyes and as of yet I've not really found a cheap enough source for buying in bulk with a great great range of sizes and colours well till now that is , Richard is not a business he more of a cottage supplier but the great thing is hes cheaper than anybody and gets the stuff out quick and he will only advertise what he actually has in stock so no waiting around for back orders I've put a link to his mail in the side menu ill also be adding a whole page on my website for his eyes so you'll be able to mail him direct in the mean time here is his mail if you need some fast

here's a few I've tied today using the eyes they are really great quality

the fly above is made with dna frosty fish fibre and Richards 6mm silver and black eyes

the same fly dry

a few more the top fly is made with a 6 mm silver black and gold croc eye and the picture really doesn't do it justice , ill stick an update on the blog when i get it up on the website but i really cant see me ever going anywhere for eyes again .

as a footnote i am not involved in anyway in the import of these eyes i have no financial interest in promoting these eyes its simply a case a case of supporting a really great product


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