Tuesday, 15 December 2009

the tuesady tie off

so the Tuesday tie off whats it all about , well in case you missed last Tuesday's post , myself and ken capsey over at http://pikeadventures.blogspot.com on alternate weeks choose a fly pattern it could be old or new and add a pike twist to it ,then at 9pm on a tuesday evening (UK time) we both publish on our blogs and see what the other came up with last week keen had a cracker of a pattern so it was up to me this week to do something different .

so being the time of good cheers holly trees Christmas cards and decorations i thought id throw into the mix some of those sparkly pipe cleaners you get at this of year and incorporate them into some 4.5 inch pike flys ....so this is what i came up with , if you go over to kens blog (the link is above) you'll see what he come up with thanks again to Richard for the eyes .............enjoy

tight lines fluff flingers
dave mcfluffchucker ......a cave in Scotland

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