Tuesday, 1 December 2009

smallie / perch flies

following on from a call to ken at pike adventures we were discussing flies for small mouths in a river near his house after discussing the merits of the woolly bugger and having tied a few , we thought that we could improve on the design for the bass by the addition of a rubber grub tail so the results are below

this is a basic bugger with a cut down grub tail on a size 6 hook

with this one i stepped it up to a size 1/0 and full grub but with a smaller bugger type head , I'm liking it already , i think these flies will work really well for perch in the UK and come to think of it i think it would also do well for chub as well , great visual fly as well because as it sinks it will give the tail the action to grab a fishes attention before you even start a retrieve

I'm looking forward to tying a few different colours of this as well enjoy........

tight lines

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pikepicker said...

bugger me bro fantastic....right what i had in mind...I need to get my hands on some grub tails today!!!! Those fish aint gunna know what hittem!