Monday, 7 December 2009

cool new stuff

the light builb went on today i had a flood of cool ideas to do so i had an enjoyable few hours tying today whilst having a coffee i had an idea for a bullhead well to try and do one from slink and flash and it worked out feckin brilliant some materials don't take to bullhead heads but slink n flash did and although the picture doesn't do it justice this is killer i just know I'm going to catch on it , if you ain't seen these flies in action checkout the video on my website they are the fly equivalent of a jerk bait
you looking at me fish

my mate ken over at pike adventures has been tying with slink and flash for years and has some great catches on it myself I've only really started tying stuff over the last year or so favoring other materials although i have enjoyed tying high ties with it and it as you can see makes a mean bullhead so ill probably use it for that for the meantime.

schulpin around

I'm still mucking around with trying to get the perfect schulpin fly and I'm having a load of fun trying to get it right and coming up with some great ideas
this is another version of a schulpin this one is quite an interesting tie as it made to fish hook up by using 8mm dumbbell eyes and 8mm animal eyes stuck on top with a blob of epoxy , this means it will fish right down on the deck if fish are huggin bottom then this i think would work well .
having finished this i thought to myself what a great eel fly this would mate so I'm going to do one all black tomorrow I'm thinking along the lines of any water that has a population of eels then predators will eat them so of course worth a try .

murdichs minnow variation
this is a variation of a fly called a murdichs minnow The Murdich was first designed by Bill Murdich for stripers and has found its home on the smallmouth rivers of the Midwest. This pattern can be ripped fast or stripped slowly over structure, great for pretty much any predatory fish my version has dumbbell eyes and is fished hook up so that fishing over the top of structure it wont get fouled up but all credit to bill murdich who made the original .

i do like to credit the original tier whoever possible even if I'm changing the pattern as its all credit them for making it in the first place even if you are going to playground with it a bit or improve it so thanks mr murdich as i think this will be a killer zander fly but stay tuned I've got some great ties planned for this week
tight lines fellow fisher wherever you are
dave mcfluffchucker


pikepicker said...

fantastic bro...I can't see any issues with those as far as catching fish mate...they will definately mop up.....the sculpin patterns are great!hook point up is good as the local waters have alot of rocks. that slender one hook point up is an exact imitation of a sucker....big pike bait on Carmi!!!!

Guillermo said...

Very good blog.
Congratulations from Argentine.

dave lindsay said...

thank you for your kind comments