Monday, 14 December 2009

Murdich Minnows

The Murdich was first designed by Bill Murdich for stripers and has found its home on the small mouth rivers of the Midwest united states . it was then used to great effect for loads of other species including salmon , trout and a whole heap of other predatory fish This pattern can be ripped fast or stripped slowly over structure a great all round little bait fish pattern

for anglers in the UK and Europe who may not have come across this pattern the uses are endless along with the species it will catch for example perch , sea bass , sea trout , pike , zander would all have a go at this although i think id get a funny look from the tweed and britches brigade if i turned up on a Scottish spate river and started throwing it around for salmon mind you i would be able to afford the permit price to fish these rivers anyway (don't even start me off on that)

so as with a lot of my ties i try to add a little something new to a pattern in this case a pinch of bucktail but I'm really thinking its not needed on this however it doesn't hurt to experiment sometimes

personally i think my main application for this fly will be the canals and drains of the UK I'm pretty sure this will be an outstanding fly for big perch as it is very similar to a fly i tied quite a few years and that fly caught me my biggest ever perch of 3 and a half pounds a massive specimen on any method but on a fly rod it is something else

when i find a great looking pattern i like to tie up a lot of variations on colour and size although all the flies pictured are 5 inch's long i will do some smaller

the fly above is tied with a dumbbell eye to i can fish it right on the bottom hook up style without trawling up a load of garbage from the bottom i know a couple of places this style will be a killer

enjoy and have a go at this great little fly , if you want to have a go yourself there is plenty of tutorials on this fly on the net and it only takes a few Min's to make ..thanks again to Richard who does the eyes and if you want some at a great price you'll find the link to mail him in the side menu under 3.d eyes .........tight lines fluffers ....Dave

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