Tuesday 17 February 2009


the ice is just about away so ill be hitting my water on thursday time to go dig out the new flees


a great light weight material a few that ive done latley still playing with it

Friday 6 February 2009

bloody snow

well there i was in the middle of a fly order for 200 flys , so i says to my self well if i can get 100 done by last friday ill have a day on the trout syndicate water (big green kippers of course) so i bust my backside and get 110 done for friday night (i do a normal job at the weekends) so i gets the gear ready for the monday and bloody typical the white stuff comes down in bucket loads , and as the water is up in the hills it was frozen solid oh well theres always next week (got the flys done by wed though so thats a bonus) great my weekend job do my work and i can sit and do flies all day what a bonus he he