Tuesday 18 May 2010

more creatue stuff

I've been messing around some more today with piketreks creature skin as i said yesterday I'm only scratching the surface as to what i can do with it but i wanted to do some experiments to see what would be the best and most solid way to make popper heads so i set to work
i discovered after a while after trying just varnish and other substances that the best way to make a solid popper head was to use the Mr bond UV kit from piketrek followed with a layer of final overcoat from piketrek and the jobs done there is other UV stuff out there but to be quite honest why pay stupid amounts of money when you can get the stuff at a fraction of the price
COOKING POPPERabove I'm using the UV lamp from piketrek and at £17.50 you cant go wrong

so the result of using Mr bond and creature skin is a really nice solid popper that will hopefully turn the bass on when I'm in the states visiting my brother ken capsey this week I'm sure they will

what I've done on the popper above is to use a larger section of creature skin along with some of pike treks pike chenille

again using creature skin and a Mr bond what I've created here is a big surface pattern that acts pretty much like a glide bait diving from side to side on the surface looking like a distressed fish how I've achieved this is by using pike fly body along with black creature skin and I've also added some foam underneath the creature skin to give it some float , a couple of conical eyes to give it the weight that will give it the side to side darting motion and a layer of of Mr bond its going to be a feckin killer

same as above but in melon orange

black popper

super light highly buoyant popper

so as you can see those guys at piketrek again are breaking all the rules and bring us the average pike fly fisherman fantastic innovative products at a low price and materials to really get us as fly tiers bloody excited and let me tell these guys are the best full on pike fly fishers so go check em out and support a local pike only business you really don't need to go anywhere else here the link to there site and they ship world wide go check em out click the link below
so this will be my last post for a few days as I'm off to visit my bro ken at pike adventures in the USA and that is going to be madness so i will try to when i can update the blog as i can while I'm over there but most of the time ill be fishing so keep logging in ....
take care fluff fingers
a cave in the USA

Monday 17 May 2010

creature popper

a brand new material from piketrek is creature skin and oh boy what a great material it is I've been fiddling with it for the past few days making Mylar bait fish , but i thought mmmmm i think i could make a good popper of sorts from this so i set about seeing what i could come up with

creature popper
don't let pictures deceive you this ain't no small ass popper this is major league tied on a 4/0 long shank

all I've done with the head is added a very thin layer of z poxy to stiffen and the finished popper is very solid , now I've only just started to scratch the surface with creature skin but i know its going to be a winner , and put it this way if you buy those big popper heads that are like £6.00 for 6 heads or something then think about this

1 metre creature skin = £2.50 (i estimate enough for 40/50 odd poppers)

1x z poxy around £10.00

£12.50 for 40 odd pike sized popper heads

(you really cant go wrong and in 3 colours )

check out the link below to order creature skin and remember where you saw it first


tight lines


Sunday 16 May 2010


Saturday 15 May 2010


Friday 14 May 2010

hot legs

I'm hearing reports of a nice lump caught by one of the piketrek lads on a pike saber more news when i have it ill try and get the wgt in kg for European Friends as well
thanks to my American brother in fly tying ken capsey I've really got into tying smaller rubber legged flies not only for predator species across the pond but for the likes of chub and perch in the UK i think these will be deadly so enjoy the fruits of my tying today
enjoy the fly porn

all the flys are tied on size one alan yates worm hooks these are extremely sharp (as my thumb found out to its cost )

i may yet tie some knots in the legs depends how much wine i drink tonight

you may notice in the side bar i have placed a poll to see what is the favoured fly tying material take a second to vote it wont cost anything and you wont get spamed

and still i have space for more although not for long
tight lines brothers of the fluff

(a cave in scotland)

Thursday 13 May 2010

busy busy wid da fishing n tying

the pffa were on the lake of menteith this week as always plenty of fish caught and everybody went away happy pics on the pffa blog

a few flies to top up the finsport

theres juice loose aboot the hoosee

I'm away to the states in a few days i will be updating the blog from the states hopefully on a daily basis

tight lines


Thursday 6 May 2010

fly tying is an art form

my life with the kult of fluff

so can you ever have to many flies , well probably yes you can especially if it tends to sink your boat every time you put your fly box in it , but there is another side to it besides catching fish i mean i can if i like pick half a dozen flies and go fishing with just them in a small box and a waistcoat and be done with it , catch fish just the same as if i had a gazzillion flies with me .

tiny weenie baitfish

"the fly below is 2.5 inch's long designed for smaller predators or even big trout I've used the fabulous piketrek orange melon body material as a belly and backed it with sf fibre the hook is a gamagatsu sl 2/0"

but for me i get as much enjoyment from tying the buggers and creating the flies as i get fishing them this past year it has been extremely hard for me to get out fishing simply because that Judas of the fisherman "work" has had quite a grip of me and my lovely other half has been doing a university course which has intensified this year meaning not a lot of free time although the time i have had I've fished pretty hard to make up for it luckily i can fill the gaps in with flies and as i said its as much an art form as the fishing itself ...........

these lil ol bait fish are floating my boat just now

variations on a theme Bold

the great thing about doing small baitfish patterns is that pretty much anything that eats another fish will take a shot at a fly like the one above and would imitate quite a number of smaller bait species from roach in the UK to bunkers in the USA anything will take a swipe at this why well quite simple really its a snack size 2.5 inch's it has a silver/white belly green back and the all important red eye and that's the reason it will look like something a predator has eaten before and if the predator is hungry it will hit it, as somewhere in the back of its memory it will have eaten something that had a white/silver belly and maybe the same kind of size that is the key awaken a sense in the predator and it will have a go

bite sized snack

carrying on a theme

the flies below again are smaller bait fish patterns what I've done is although they are all still around 2.5 inch's all I've done is varied the shape and flash colour the basic belly and back are the same in each white ep fibre belly and tarpon streamer ep backs

pike treking across the universe

there is a couple of styles of tying i like and there certain colours i love to use one of my favorite ideas is to go onto the Internet and search muskie lures the reason for this is there is a million different colour combos out there on jerk baits and lures and with a bit of thought you can pretty much copy the colours onto a fly as above with pretty much one off the most recognized patterns a fire tiger
I've done these before with ep and the like but I've never tried it with piketrek body material before so above is the result and I'm very impressed with the out come if you feel the irresistible urge to tie the above fly you can find links too the materials below
piketrek ship pretty much anywhere in the world so go check them out for some great product
(a cave in Scotland)

Wednesday 5 May 2010

my names dave and im a pike fly tying addict

get over it

Tuesday 4 May 2010

tuesday tie off with pike adventures

the Tuesday tie off with
pike adventures

today it was my choice and because there was no tie off last week due to me working split shifts i was gagging to get back to the vice so small bait wish was my choice this week in the 4 to 5 inch range enjoy

OK so to start off i used a plain white ep for the belly of the fly above , red ep fibre for the gills , the back is made with e.p sparkle and of course a piketrek eye i have put an epoxy head on this but really you can just glue them on if you wish i just like the action a weighted head gives you the hook is a 4/0 mustad big game

above , exactly the same as the fly above this one except i have used silver sparkle the hook is a 4/0 sakuma manta

so turning things on there head above with ep sparkle as a belly and backed with plain black ep fibre hook is a 4/0 sakuma manta eye is from http://www.piketrek.co.uk/


i have been very pre occupied lately with other materials so I've kind of let ep fibre slip by the wayside so i thought id get back into it for these ties and i enjoyed tying with it and it does make some nice baitfish flies


a pretty basic ep tie using white for the belly, tarpon streamer for the back and some crystal flash along the lateral line hook is a 4/0 mustad

same principle on this except I've used more red and green ep sparkle hook is a 4/0 mustad


so there you have it for this week another enjoyable and will be sure to be getting wet at some point soon remember to head over to ken at pike adventures and see what he came up with here's the link


rubberized eyes used in these ties and loads of other cool ties can be found at piketrek click the link below


till another day fluffchuckers


(a cave in Scotland)

Saturday 1 May 2010

the net is evil and makes you do things

well its only my bro in fly tying ken from pike adventures the Internet is actually a wonder full thing for us anglers and to be able to hook up with somebody most days to discuss fly tying and patterns is awesome the ideas literally can flow the brainstorming sessions (steady at the back) i have with ken have resulted in some remarkable flies being tied add a skype video call to the mix and you really better get ready to do some serious tying , I've just upgraded to a laptop with built in web cam and this makes things some much easier to show fly tying steps and tying instructions and if ken calls with a query then i can sort it straight away via video although the guys a top notch tier and doesn't pick my brains that often ,

i was also having a game of online drafts / chequers as the settlers call them and its really funny that I'm just about to kick the guys ass in a great pincer movement on his last remaining Peace and all of a sudden he loses all power and i don't get to speak to him till the following day where the little fecker still insists that he was just about to pull the move on me and how unfortunate that the power went out his end !!!!!!!!!! oh how i laughed

a picture of a sore loser redneck before the power mysteriously went down
so back to normality and today I've picked up a 14 hour shift at work which ain't really as bad as it sounds so what i get into work and first thing i do is doddle a pattern out for next weeks fly tying sessions ken mentioned something to me on a call the other day and its been floating around in my head for a while so ill have a bash at the sketch below next week and see what i can come up with
as you know from the last post i received a massive finsport so now i have to fill it not like i ain't got enough flies so my plan is not only to have this in my usual boat bag but also as a pick up and run bag that has a fly for every circumstance and i don't need to keep chopping and changing fly boxes so here is where I'm at with it right now

step 1 foam heads always good to have a few

monster piketrek flies well they are my design but utilise the piketrek body material think there is times when to catch a big predator you must use a big fly not all the time though but sometimes it pays to have big flies in your box so a few hardcore flies are re homed

off course if were talking big flies then well i have to have some green stuff with stripes in there i mean you just got to take some perch patterns wherever you go also a few rainbow trout type patterns can sometimes go down well with predators on the right water ..........and i haven't even filled half of it yet loving that shit ......bonus

small river smallmouth bass clousers
(a trial in black nosed dace)

so having done a bit of research on the smallmouths of a small vermont river ill be fishing for smallies i found that there food of choice seems to be hellgramites and black nosed dace , these little live predator snacks stay close to the bottom of the river to avoid other predators and that's probably a wise thing as they seem to be bottom of the food chain to fish these plucky little bait fish you need to get your fly down to the bottom and high stick it along the bottom to make them act like the real thing so below is my version of it

the fly above is tied with with goat hair as i think it will offer more movement than the bucktail version bellow and i think it may just have the edge over it although i could be wrong but they are great fun to tie and i probably fish them over here as well not just for predators but i sometimes go on a lovely little trout water that i think the trout would mistake these for minnows so worth a go

i may even get away with using these in the salt as a sand eel pattern maybe get away with it I've tied up a few but i will be tying up loads more

other stuff this week

I've been sent some flies to reviews from pike pro so with tomorrow being the last day of work until the UK general election which i am working , I'm voting for feckin no one as i believe they are all a bunch of arse and no matter who gets in they will still feck the UK up as bad as the last lot so why bother i mean its not like they listen to the people anyway well except for when they want in to government then they kiss baby's and stuff to get your vote and after they get in you cant talk to any of them anyway the FECKIN IGNORE YOU wankers

up the workers

so anyway next week will see me in tying action booking my flights to the USA and sorting out a train from Boston to Vermont Happy days

so with a pile of rather nice looking flies from pike pro to review for the pffa website ill be fairly busy next week but keep checking back for regular updates

so i look forward to catching you all soon even
(a cave in Scotland)