Sunday 17 August 2014

show stealers

Ok so the deercreek pro team was once again let out for the weekend for demonstration purposes, and for the general public once again to throw bananas at scott kane and conan fyvie whilst me and richy were doing the professional stuff and demonstrating the many fine materials that deercreek do ….as always I was left with the pike and predator flies which obviously is what I do and the other loons were demonstrating the uv products on some nifty looking trout flies …..

Andy saunders psychiatrist said he wasn’t allowed out this weekend as he was still soiling his pants due to a change in his medication so there was no weird nasty rainbow trout sparkly things , although it has to be said we did miss him as we had nobody to fetch the teas and coffees , granted we could have sent scott kane but his legs are so small it takes him ages to get anywhere and it would have been cold by the time he got back…..

After setting up (youll notice they put me in the corner again) and bacon roll (£2.50 ffs) our food budget was spent so as we couldn’t afford coffee we would just have to drink the free whisky the venue provided instead bummer huh .

So this was a council run event and got to say the venue was awesome and there was lots of trouties around as there was some kind of international compaction on and the prize giving was taking place here , the funniest thing ever was little lord ha ha know it all who was in the England team trying to get information out of scott kane on how to tie a particular fly , lets just say it would have been easier to get an intelligent conversation out of conan fyvie than him getting the  lowdown on that fly , arrogance gets you knowhere, and he eventually walked away looking quite confused at the lack of knowledge scott parted with

So a couple of points id pick up on about the event is
1-      try not to close the roads off in town due to a cycle event so people can actually get to the thing
2-      mabey advertise it a bit better
3-      £7.50 for a bloody burger is beyond a joke I don’t care if it is from an organic lesbian cow fed on caviar and tucked up in a feather down bed every night that’s just beyond expensive  
 Tying beautiful creatures 

Ok so I rock up to these events as part of the deercreek pro staff team and I get asked the same
Question all the time and that is do you practice a lot before you tie here, well actually the truth is no I don’t in fact have any idea what im going to be tying as usually when I get a pack of materials just before the show so I really have no idea until im sat in front of the vice , so keeps the brain ticking over  I do however take some basics with me like flash and bits of cape but other than that I have no idea really , and most of the time folks are happy to see me tie whatever as once I get into my tying stride I really just churn shoals out 

This is always a popular colour choice especially for Scottish waters made with gliss n glint plus which actually you can see glinting away in the picture and score well on waters with high perch populations, finished with gator eyes and diamond fine uv great wee pattern 

At the moment im really loving mixing stuff up with the tying by that I mean mixing synthetics and naturals and actual they work very well together the fly above has a main body of gliss n
Glint plus mixed with a little extra gold angel hair and some peacock heal along the back gives a nice contrast to the jackpike green of the gliss sometimes I will also add just a few strands of black along the back before the peacock just to give the illusion of back colour , amazing only a few strands needed to get the effect

Im also loving using the jungle cock this is hand dyed by chris rawle from he also does some fantastic bucktail , but be warned he only does small batches so contact him to get on the waiting list , his stuff really is that good it goes very fast you wont be disappointed 

Mid morning ties lined up , I really enjoy doing these shows and its great to get the products out there but you know I keep hearing the same thing time after time from people when it comes to uv products and that the bug bond question , now I really do not care what you use but the fact that people think that buying a product from orvis means its problem free well actually no that’s not the case , people were saying to me they bought it and it cured tacky which obviously means it dosnt do what its says on the tin and people are believing what so called pro guys are saying about it and this leads them to believe that because somewhere like orvis sells it well that’s the benchmark and all uv products are like that .

Well actually no that’s not the case , and as I said I don’t care what you use I like my fellow team mates demonstrate deercreek tack free uv to folks at shows and each person we show converts because it DOES do what it says on the tin , try it , come along to a show and see for your self ask your local shop to stock it there’s a reason it says tack free and there’s a reason more and more people are turning to it even the usa shops like casters are selling out all time you have to ask your self why …………… 
Team selfie 
The pro team making a short video scott kane is in the shot but because hes quite small the table is in the way 

We were presented with a darn fine lunch of the Most amazing smoked trout ive ever tasted im really sorry I cant remember th  chaps name who smokes it but its bloody amazing , as you can see scott the magpie actually had most of it , well he is a growing laddie nice to see him with his teeth in as well 

Was quite nice to give scott a lesson in tying predator flies as you know he ties a fine yellow dancer but tying predator flies is a whole different kettle of fish nice to see scott taking the lesson seriously 

i was give a load of miniatures for the team so of course I had to keep them safe at the end of the show, where better than my big gypsy proof fly box of course I was accused of trying to keep them all for myself as if I was deaply shocked at this scandalous allegation and that’s  the thanks I get , conans extra whisky glass had already been er borrowed from the table and no one owned up to that one scott kane

So with that another show ends and another highly successful show for deercreek massive thanks to the rest of the pros for a great show and as always deercreeks was the busiest stall over the weekend great job folks