Monday 5 May 2014

nayat hair baitfish step by step

Heres step by step for a very easy and effective baitfish have it as big or as small as you like or whatever colour you like, looks great in the water

You will need 

Nayat hair (
8mm 3d eyes (
Phantom thread
Esox 1 -  6/0
Oliive flashabou
Croc glue

1 – Take your phantom thread and tie on from the hook eye back to a point level with hook point as 

2 – Take a whole length of nayat hair (not to thick) and cut at the base and lay to one side

3 – Add a very fine coating of croc glue (this makes the whipping bombproof and gives the nayat something to bond to)

4 – Place the nayat on the hook shank and gently press down so it goes all around the hook shaft,  leave a small area behind the hook eye as above , this will be for the next section of nayat ,the length you have on this first piece will ultimately be the final length of the fly

5 – Next take a section of your back colour and tie it in on top of the first white piece as above and remembering to leave that small clear area behind the hook eye

6 – take a small amount of flashabou (take a whole length of the material rather than having odd lengths left of the hank) and tie in at the head of the fly on the clear bit you left behind you can see this in the photo below 

7 – Now we take another full length section of white nayat and place under the hook facing forward, again on the bare hook shank area and add a little dab of croc glue to secure, then take a section of your back colour and tie in the same as the white but on the top

8 – Take a pen tube and hollow tie (pushing the materials backwards with the pen to give body volume without the weight) you can see that the flashabou sits nicely in the material also 

9 – Once you have pushed back with the pen hold the material with your thumb and fore finger and remove the pen, then whip the material down to secure (I add a dash of varnish to secure and protect the thread) 

10 – Take another long section of flashabou (half a dozen strands) and tie onto the whipping before the varnish dries, we are now ready for the last 2 pieces of nayat to make the head profile

11 – we now do steps 7 and 8 again but this time you want to use half the amount of nayat , and also add in a few more strands of flashabou facing forward , this time you should also cut of the excess behind the thread , this allows for a less bulky nose to the fly 

12 – This is what you should have ready to hollow tie back; you can see where ive trimmed the waste behind the thread

13 – Follow step 8 again and just allow the flashabou to sit naturally where it wants to go

14 – once hollow tied finish off with a few wraps , then a small amount of varnish to secure 

15 – There you have the basic fish shaped nayat fly now we are ready for the eyes

16 – The eyes have a sticky backing so you can test for the best position before you start to apply the epoxy once your happy with where the eyes are going take them off

17 – I use a small amount of 5 min epoxy ( z poxy is the only one I use ) if im doing a lot of the same fly ill use a longer setting epoxy so mix the epoxy up (cocktail sticks are good for this) although I have an old wine cork with a darning needle stuck into it 

18 – take a blob of epoxy and push it through the material , this will give you the weight the fly needs for the dying fish movement in the water and a firm base for the eyes to stick to

19 – Place some more epoxy to the side where the eye is going to go and place the eye on and leave to set

and there you have it a bloody great looking baitfish , of course you can choose what ever colors you like these just float my boat for the predators , and action these flies have in the water is stunning due to the fluid movement of the nayat , it Really is an amazingly easy fly to tie have a go

(A cave in Scotland)