Tuesday 30 June 2009

dosnt always go the way it should

well back from my trip to the fens a great weekend was had although the fish were not to obliging in the heat but managed a couple

we stayed for a couple of days in a lovely hotel close to the venue and served only the freshest of fare like this cream for my coffie below (er not)

the fishing was really hard but on the plus side i had some spey casting lessons from pffa chairmen peter jones here he is in action

unfortunatly after one cast it was all to much for peter so he had to go and have a kip

also a bit of a bummer was we wanted to fish the river delph and the old bedford we drove around for hours but couldnt find them so gave up looking for them

the zander which i really wanted to get were not coming out to play at all due to the bright light conditions but i had a fish of around 7 pounds follow my fly right to the bloody rod tip but nothing i did could make that fish take so near yet so far , the zander were all holed up under the bushes you can see in the back ground and even my fav fly couldnt tempt them out of there

but the thing is catching fish is always a bonus i just went for the crack

just like to say a big thanks to peter jones and his mrs michele for there hospitallity over the couple of days i was there "fukin game init"

Wednesday 24 June 2009

a new website

hi all and firstly many thanks to all the thousands of visitors to my blog and glad I'm keeping you all amused with my inane musings

i have for a while been doing more of a hobby than anything a little thing called project on the fly , the aim of this site was to show just what could be done and caught with a fly rod mostly because some idiots in major clubs in this country think we are putting pike at risk by catching them with flies well how blinkered and narrow minded are they so enjoy the site

if you wish to contribute a pic or become a become a Friend of the site buy sending me loads of pics then the details are on the site , i have an exciting plan for later on in the year which all can be involved in no matter where they are in the world .

hop on over and take a peak , this site is of course a bit of a hobby and a work in progress so keep checking back here's the link

http://www.spanglefish.com/onthefly (there is a clikable link in the menue under best fly fishing websites)

thanks again fly fishing Friends worldwide

more pics

click on the pick for a larger view

just some more fishing pics

click on the pick for a larger view

just some fishing pics

for no reason what so ever some of my pics
click on the pick for a larger view

sea bass on the flee

here one i caught a while ago on the fluff if you look can see how shallow the water is , the fish chased this fly in from deep water and took the fly right under my rod tip dorsal fin splayed and mouth wide open great to watch he really wanted this fly

im away chasing snotrockets so see ya when i get back (hopefully with so cool pics)

Tuesday 23 June 2009

bloody wimin im trying to fish

fluff will you please pass me another of those sparkly flies dear

epoxy head decivers part 2

more of the same

epoxy head decivers part 1

back to enjoying working on epoxy headed decivers these flies are tied on 6/0 hooks and come in at 5 inchs +

Sunday 21 June 2009

happy fathers day

well that is if your a father , well am i going to be waited on hand and foot today no ive got to go to work , but hey the wifes making me a trad scottish breakfast to make up for it and i did get a little fathers day gift the new anvil dvd enjoy your day folks

the scottish breakfast

anvil dvd that will be a few beers and air guitar tonight then

Thursday 18 June 2009

ties from 18-06-09

the orange flies are tied with ep fibre and are 10 inchs long , the green baitfish is done by mixing sf fibre with ep to give a nice sparkle on the back

Wednesday 17 June 2009

very cool crazy guys

what a great video

be it trout , pike , or saltwater guess were all the same

The Elk Hair Caddis from Reel Escape Films on Vimeo.

nice tying vid

The Dirt Dart from Richard Strolis on Vimeo.

massive pike flys

well found these while having a browse on the net made by an American company "swimtrue" now i think they are really nice looking flies and would no doubt catch fish and they are big 12" but i have experimented on smaller 8 inch flies with a diving vane but always found because of the lip the flies tended to spin in the air and obviously have a bit of Resistance when casting i just wonder how these fair being on double rig hooks i suspect they may get tangled , but i never really see the need for tandem hooks no matter how big the fly as once a pike decides its aving it it goes down the gob , the only thing i can think of as a plus for tandems is for those times when fish nip at the back of a fly but myself id rather miss the odd fish than cast big blinkin tandems and the foulups and tangles that surely must happen with them but as i said nice looking flies ......

after i posted this i recived this from michaeld which i thought was very usefull many thanks
Hi Dave,
I've seen these flies up close and the guy is a master at balancing the diver lip. If you look close the front hook is a "kinked" worm hook (the hook eye pokes through the foam just in front of the eyes). He puts small lead dumbells and a stiff wire loop under the foam lip for stability and balance. The rear of the foam is looped with a glass rattle in between and covered with a crystal hackle. I made some copies from the ones I saw and they don't spin like normal fly lips. The front hook only has a small collar/tail of hair, the main "fly" is tied on the tandem only about an inch behind the first allowing little chance of tangling. I have to admit he commands a good price for his flies but they are a lot of work!

Tuesday 16 June 2009

very cool vid

laid back and just a great vid enjoy

Monday 15 June 2009

Thursday 11 June 2009

im losing the plot again

it was my turn to get up with the baby this morning (i say baby hes 2 and a bit) so while my son is sitting watching Mr tumble on the TV and eating his toast i thought ill just go and have a browse on the net doing some zander research for a forthcoming trip locations , conditions etc , well i came across the picture below and i noted that the fly was something i haven't got in my box in that particular colour so i swiveled my chair round and started tying well once i have tied a big one i thought maybe i should tie some in smaller sizes just in case (match the bait fish hatch) so the long and short of it is 6.30 am I'm sitting tying bloody flies which ill probably end up not using anyway but i suppose its better to have them just in case eh.....tight lines fellow twisted fly fishers

Wednesday 10 June 2009

a couple of things

well so I'm going away for my birthday traditional birthday fish weekend at the end of June so the thing is i had a think about what to take or to tie and well ill be targeting pike , zander and perch with possibly the odd chub as well so theres only one fly that's going to do the bizz silver sparklers well thats the plan anyway

trouble is though you have a really good day fly tying and you end up with nowhere to store them , well ive got a big cork pin board that i use its easy tie fly extend hand to the left stick fly on board now this works quite well until you end up with a few hundred flies looking for a home so as im really not going to go buy anymore finsport wallets at stupid money a go ive reverted to the old video boxes with foam stuck inside perfect and really cheap these days although i know its only a matter of time before ill be needing more , i have an idea for a fly hooo hummmmmmmm

fly anglers at the end of a hard day

fly anglers at the end of a hard day what do you yearn for most , a nice sit down maybe a call to home to make sure the kids are OK and the window cleaner has left via the back door , maybe you just want to go and get some fish and chips you deserve it you have had a hard day fishing ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,what a pile of crap what you really want is a massive great fookin beer and below is a picture of 2 chaps from the pike fly fishing association committee having just that (faces have been changed to protect the guilty)

on line mag

check out this great online fly fishing mag http://www.thisisfly.com simon over at pikeflyfishing articles put me onto it well worth a look thanks mate

Saturday 6 June 2009

pictures of my stiffys

calm down girls its not what you think ive long had the idea of geting a fly to work just like a glidebait , (the things the plastic chuckers use) , i have come very close to perfecting it before. now i think i have finally done it the stiff flies below are tied on 5/0 sakuma mantas and are around 7 inchs long and the best bit they are very light and very aero dynamic so casting even on the windiest days should not be a problem as is using them on floating , inti or sinking lines ill be working on mark 2s very soon which will have a rattle chamber inside enjoy ..........dave