Thursday 18 December 2014

my year in flies

been a weird year for me and somewhat strained mentally , well was until i  got together with a beautiful lady and a cool human being a while ago (actually known her a while, well actually since i was 18 i think) funny old world but hey now in a well happy place thanks to her:-) 
anyway to the fishing and flies , well fishing haven't been doing a massive amount due to work commitments next year however will be very different and im very excited about a trip with a ferox master using my flies (cheers brian cant wait till april) and flies well it kinda works out ive just done around 1 new fly a week this year that i can show you , ive done a massive amount of flies that i cant show as they are customer ideas and not for general public copying , i fully respect the rights of the people who want these ideas on hooks and wont betray that trust , so true amount ive tied is at least 3 times that the only thing i can say is that 90% of these flies feature gliss and glint plus and these flies have been catching predators all over the word and some stunning beasts........see you all in 2015 which promises to be an amazing year for me .
merry Christmas to you all and ill raise a dram for you all on the strike of 12 oclock in the cave at new year 


chasing green in 2015

(a cave in scotland)