Wednesday 9 October 2019

greetings from the cave

hello from the cave 

whats been happening , well to be honest not a lot on the fishing front afraid have just been too busy to actually go out and fish , and my planned fish last week was put on hold due to me waking up and feeling like rubbish (?time of year for coughs and colds) but i have been busy with a ton of other stuff though and folks have been out catching some big ol girls on my flies which is great 

so top angling to jordan and ben 

jordan catches a bloody lot of fish on my flies but takes ages sending the pictures as hes never in lol 
and ben jammin had this beautiful urban trout on one of my bucktail baitfish swung down a shallow stream ,again top angling fella 

and peter damen with a beautiful dutch pike on one of my streamers (available from )

so somewhat busy , i have also been working on my new website for flies and some materials , this has taken me quite sometime and is an ongoing labour of love and a big thanks to all who have bought stuff so on there so far .

now i have to say this isnt a get rich quick big i am thing , those who know me will know that i shy away from all the pro team stuff  and really just do it for the love , and well to be honest it pays for materials as i have no sponsorship by anyone , which is why i can also offer unbiased reviews of materials and the like and to be honest its nice just to have it all in one place rather than have to write hundreds  of messages i can just send a link 

so if you want to check it out you can find it here 

ive been adding some pretty cool stuff and am updating as often as i can , you can find updates in the news section on the website so it saves you having to go through loads of pages 

predator wool

 ok so this wool is really nice for making small to medium sized baitfish flies , i like this as the material in the water is very mobile and depending on how much you use you can get some great profiles .

the 2 flies above are very fast to make and look great , folks have been having fun with these on canals and smaller venues and the big trout also love em 

short video below on tying them sorry about the shaky start still playing with new video software 

i always find it quite funny that folks in this country haven't yet really taken up swinging lager flies for big browns definitely missing a trick there  , personally i love em great for the mobile angler as well as you can get quite a few in a box .

furry worms

still really enjoying making the stoner wormz and ive now found a material to make furry wormz these look great and can be tied in loads of sizes , the mind boogles 

ive also been working alongside a great uk company called sea booms and have been enjoying making jig flies on the jig heads i still have a load to do but the first ones out the vice are looking great 

if your interested in jigheads or sea fishing stuff you can find the website here and have to say the heads and hooks are really great quality here is the link

stay tuned on this one as ive lots more to do 
cave life  flies

hot core tied with a raspberry core 

slim baitfish , custom blended with some gold flash 

plain roach pattern with a little pearl flashbou in the belly 

roach pattern with a raspberry core and a little pearl flashabou 

basic wool baitfish on a 2/0 with a little crystal flash

baitfish on a circle hook (controversial)

pink baitfish on a circle hook 

black flies , you gotta love em i just tied up a load with different flash worked through , these are also very popular for people on lure rods as they can easily be fished with cherabuska heads  , as it dosnt really matter which way they sit up .

off course all available  on the website

social media blues

 you know social media can be your friend or your worst enemy i have accounts on most of them but dear god facebook is certainly the worst for keyboard warriors and opinionated knobheads , the times ive seen some poor chap on a species dedicated page like trout , pike , perch etc and then get absolutely hammered by the fish police , you know the ones incorrect handling , incorrect way of fishing etc etc etc Jesus christ we were all beginners once , how about giving people advice rater than tearing into them for something they may not be aware of as they are new to fishing .

then you get that guy you know the one , your in a group and the only time he posts is when somebody puts up a nice pic of a fish they have caught .

where abouts is that mate (mate ? i dont even know you ) he always pops up on those pictures and if hes lucky enough to get a location he will want the time of day , the bait , the water temperature, breaking strain of line ffs just get out there and fish , learn watercraft , i dont mind helping folks out with a rough area and they can work it out themselves but jesus these guys do my head in , probably the same guys who are all over the internet come summer asking if the mackerel are in . does my head in .

but then on the flip side i have made some wonderful pals on facebook and especially since the Edinburgh anglers page started which was a page for local guys to hook up (sounds like grinder) and fish together and been able to help some folks out as well so some positives.

edinburgh anglers day out 

but i think the only negative really is that i think that blogs have suffered as a result of facebook groups which is pretty instantaneous  i have some blogs in the side menu that haven't been updated in a few years and this is a shame as they were fantastic , but i leave them there in the menu in the hope that one day they guys doing them will come back , as i see a lot of these guys still kicking around on social media sites and the the folks that are still doing them , cheers and thanks for the effort


small streamer funk 

i love fishing and tying small streamers , infact i get great enjoyment tying these little smallie snacks (although more trout and saltwater in this country) i just love the way they look and indeed have tons of the things in my boxes 

the problem i have is that the bucktail in this country is awful in my opinion i always struggle with finding decent bucktail , the best ive discovered so far is either orvis or veinyards  but they can be hit and miss , it would be really nice to have a regular supply i could rely on , and in fact one of the reasons there isnt a lot of buttails flies on my website as i can find consistency in them  

although not saying they dont work , indeed they do but i guess im a perfectionist 


without a doubt the main man for tying small streamers is brother ken from 812flyworks on instagram he actually really has a magic tough when it comes to these streamers and is a constant source of inspiration , ive seen first hand the tails he uses are superb , and of course brother ken hunts his own materials as well and is highly skilled in bow hunting 

last time i was over he showed me some of the spots up trees he hunts from which was quite cool , i guess next time im over ill be raiding his freezer for tails 

one of ken streamers he really nails the heads 

 ive spoken with ken in depth about how he tyes them and ive picked up a few tips which may help me , but finding the perfect tail is the key so watch this space but if you know somebody in the uk who can supply decent bucktail please mail me .

so what else is going down , well pretty much fly tying and sorting my cave , im planning on a return trip to vermont in the summer chasing largemouths and floating down rivers with brother ken and hopefully a catch up and fish with brother dan as well , actually really miss being there but words cant explain a connection to a fishing valhallah ill just leave this video here , those who know will know 

tight lines folks
and be good to yourselves