Monday 6 March 2017

dyckers fly shop Holland


OK so those that know me will know i fly free these days and not part of any teams etc etc etc so i can bring you unbiased reviews of stuff i purchase so the story behind my latest purchase is this .

i was looking through my fly boxes and released that i was getting seriously low on one of my go too patterns so as i had a day off work in a few days i decided to quickly nip online and pick up some orange and yellow ep fiber which if i purchased online i would have in time for my days off and fill my boxes with the patterns i needed .

so i went hunting and for the life of me i could not find a decent uk stock of ep fiber in the colors i wanted and to be honest it wasn't weird colors or anything , i was actually shocked at the lack of the stuff from uk suppliers (i know for the united states its a lot easier to get ) so i had sit back and then i remembered dyckers so i headed off over to the site and oh joy absolutely tons of the stuff in every color i could want. 

i had a look for what i needed and placed in the basket (the prices are in euros but you can easily work it out with the aid of google converter) and placed my order very very easy they do direct bank payment or paypal

so i sat back and waited (well i actually went to work) and i was absolutely delighted that it arrived within less than a week , now i know some uk online store that take the same if not longer for stuff to arrive so i was pleasantly surprised .

 oh go on then 
i went back on a few days later as i had fly pattern brain my fiance walked past and looked at me drooling at these at these colors and said "what is wrong with you cant you look at porn on the internet like ordinary blokes " bless her little cottons :-)

so i placed another order and again was delighted to receive in less than a week again and i was able to get some favorites tied up for this years, fishing result below 

dyckers dont just sell ep fiber , far from it they sell a wide range of materials from different manufactures and names you would of heard before including sf fiber which you can see below on there racks , again the thing i love about this is that when i used to shop at orvis i would be stuck with 4 or 5 colors im fairly impressed with there range below  

the i love about these guys is that its pretty much a one stop shop for the predator fly angler and the prices including delivery to the uk aint really that much different from uk sellers or even ebay or amazon and you know they have some pretty cool stuff for the saltwater fly tier as well and a great range of shrimp brushes from ep which again ive struggled to get in the uk . 

some may ask why ep all of a sudden , well actually its not , i have a range of flies in different materials  that do different things , look different in the water etc its quite simply up to now ive not been able to find a good consistent supplier for my needs and my customers , so thanks to dyckers my ep flies are right back on the menu. 

dyckers also do a full range of rods reels and loads of tackle, hooks , clothing etc so head on over and give them your support the website is very user friendly and easy to navigate and tons to look at, i know i will be back fairly often thanks guys fantastic service .

all contact details for dykers are below or click the logo in the side menu on the blog 

 dyckers website