Saturday 10 September 2016

stick another fly on the barby mate

coming over here nicking our fish 

indeed a whole can of whoop ass , well been around 4 weeks since i last posted been busy with a few things and quality over quantity i always believe and well ive also been working weird shifts as well and obviously a few bespoke fly orders to do as well , including some for an Australian tv crew who were over here doing some filming for some fishing thing which escapes me at the moment  

kitted out with authanic wire and a dozen of Scotlands finest snotrocket snacks (by yours truly)  and the australians had a ball and caught fish shame they dont have pike in oz , but then they Aussies have all sorts of other cool fish and plenty of them so pressure was off well done fellas and welcome to scotland and the scottish pike hardest fighting beast in these waters 

deercreek bag of sexyness 

make no bones about it i love deercreek stuff there uv resins are the best on the market and i have always championed them because quite simply it does what it says on the packet drys tack free unlike other resins which despite there claims dont , so it was with great pleasure that i heard that deer creek has been picked up by hareline so you should be able to pick deercreek products up from your local hareline dealer soon , so cheers to nick at deercreek for this little care package  

thankfully he included a couple new bottles of uv in hard and flex with the new caps which are far superior to the old ones 

nick also sent me a new lazer pen as i think my original one was finally giving up the ghost after 10 or so years and a gazillion curing hours although it hadn't bitten the dust i still appreciated the new one , and these pens really are the dogs danglers , really comfortable to use and batteries last for ages , i usually buy a pack of Duracell from my local discount pound store so cheap enough to buy and really with these lazer pens you really want a good quality battery as although cheap and cheerful will work  you'll find they run out very quickly so its a false economy to buy cheap , splash out and get decent batteries folks 

so the uv revolution and whats it all about well take a look at the info below and it may give you an idea 

to be honest i have been using this for many years and it has fitted in very well with my epoxy resins as another weapon in my box and although it wont completely replace epoxy it does has some fantastic uses for me the greatest thing is the instant curing and with diamond hard i can build up fantastic heads on saltwater and small baitfish patterns like this stickleback i was playing with earlier 

the eyes are 4mm cutthroat eyes from deercreek and with these i just stick em on and fill the gap with diamond hard in about 3 steps so apply a little, cure and repeat until you are level with the eye , then do the same with the bottom fill the gap cure repeat then to seal it all in i apply a thin coat all round the eye and keep turning the vice for an even coat and apply jedi mind powers , well uv tourch ,and boom superb lightweight head  

ive been making up a couple of big articulated flies as well and again diamond hard is an important  part of making the sections on these flies and with the new dispensers it makes it even easier to apply   

a quick zap with the lazer pen and your ready for the next one 

remember the dark old days of using a whip finishing tool (still cant use one) or tying off by hand well using uv negates the use of such primitive methods (the traditionalists have now left the blog) well all i do is put a touch on the head and uv for a secure finish and then cut off the thread close to the head boom job done , i mean really it makes our life easier dosnt it really

so if you want the best uv on the market head over and visit deercreek or your local hareline dealer 

got a few new packs of gliss n glint as well and in my favorite colors 

 so big stuff to tie 

i originally wanted to make a standard favorite baitfish with the colors i received but then i thought hmmmmm i have some schlappin feathers that would look nice with the yellow and chartreuse gliss n glint plus and as always from a basic fly idea it grows arms and legs and bits added to it   

so i added the sclappin feathers and then overlayed the back and belly with gliss n glint plus but then i thought hmmmmm a nice lateral line would be cool so i added that as well  

and i thought well that will do so as i mentioned before i just added some uv to seal the head and cut off the excesss 

chuck a couple of eyes on in this case quite heavy eyes as it will effect the action and make this look like a jerkbait in the water where using flat 3d eyes will give it a more gentle strip and pause floatey   action as there is less weight and to be honest with bigger flies i like that jerkbait action 

and boom a bang tasty snotrocket snack 

articulated beasties 

havent made a lot of articulated flies (game changers for those who follow fashions and fads)  lately for no particular reason than i haven't , but i thought after a conversation with with mr musky in vermont (brother ken) while i was on a particularly long overnight shift i decided to do a couple to top the box up a bit , these flies are actually a delight to fish with , when fished slow they bump and grind away and replicate a dying or distressed baitfish very well and you can fish these very very slow almost at a dead stop , great when the pike are being finickarty and not swithed on , it can give you the edge and make the difference between catching and not catching when days are tough 

gliss n glint plus 3 x articulated baitfish (with a sting in the tail)

another gliss n glint plus baitfish white and olive and ive gone heavy on a custom mix on the olive gliss by adding some peacock angel hair just something i though would benefit this build and im very impressed with the final result

basic sparkly baitfish  

making basic baitfish flies is quite cool and fun to do , and they also look great in the water and to be honest anybody can make em quite simply choose you hook (longer shanks are good) add a touch of red in the tail and the form an angelhair dubbing rope then wrap round the shank till you get the desired body shape then take your back color place at the front and have a couple of wraps to secure then add your eyes and i use a uv head to finish (this is where deercreeks uv comes into its own) diamond hard in this case  

and there you have a snazzy little baitfish 

of course you could just have a basic angelhair body like this little stickleback pattern ive used a peacock feather for the spines although i should really shorten them a bit on hindsight actually coated these with diamond flex on these , quite a cool little pattern 

so while i had the gliss n glint out thought id top up the smaller baitfish boxes with some new tyes 

again working with gliss n glint is so easy and theres so much you can do with it from making your own custom blends to adding your own flash stuff is amazing 

of course again the deercreek eyes are still as far as im concerned the best out there and indeed no matter where you are in the world they have an eye to match 

these green eyes have along with the red cuthroat eyes have always been my favorite eyes in the world ever and really add something to my flies so if you want the best eyes ever just click the link below and youll never look back 

been working a bit with natural fibers as well and the eyes again are a big feature to making the fly look realistic (more on these flies next time)   

so mission accomplished for today just need to get em put away in the fly caves till i get out again and have some bespoke flies to do as well so should keep me busy for a while and i have a couple of weeks holiday soon thank god , i bloody need it 

right back to the vice have fun folks
a cave in scotland