Saturday 24 February 2018

new adventures

so my first post of 2018 and well it was supposed to be about a trip i had down south with the amazing and very funny Mr Hugh cassey , unfortunately i have had some issues with the pictures of the trip due to the i cloud thing so kinda really cocked it up for that post im afraid.

but even despite  our best efforts on a very colored river we failed to connect with any fish , although i had a couple of follows and a real rod shaker of a bite but hey thats fishing nothing ventured nothing gained . i shall be returning again down there in august and i did meet some great people and Mr casseys hospitality was beyond brilliant  and what a fantastic angler he is out everyday i can never thank him and jones enough .

curry night followed by sever gales 

i really loved the small tidal river getting up close and personnel 

the local chip shop owner was also very metal , sure he gave us extra chips 

also really enjoyed a wee tying and q+a session in hughs local always enjoy doing these and really nice to chat to folks who haven't fly fished for pike before but were interested in what i had to say 

so thank you hugh cassey and jones and lewes see ya again soon

*typical after i left the river cleared up and i got a report of an 18lb fish out on one of my flies , id left some with the local head river baliff who had lost a load of stuff due to his car being broken into well done mate 


although things have been quiet over the winter on the fish front its not really slowed down on the fly front so ill leave you with some pics of stuff that has been coming out of the cave over the winter , and again anything takes your fancy yes i sell flies and there made by me here in Scotland ,not some mud hut in Africa *support your local tier people 

so thats just a few from the cave mostly bespoke tyes for folks and all big pike fluff .

ok in other news ive added to my slowly growing range of fly tying materials 

please feel free to have a look here youll find this at the top of the blog under fly tying materials . i plan to add some custom blends soon so please keep checking back or watch my facebook page dave mcfluffchucker for updates 

i do ship worldwide so if you have any questions please mail me at 
this email is for my flies and materials 

so with that im off to the cave to play with some more fluffy things see you all soon