Thursday 29 June 2017

testing flies


hi folks just thought id share a recent video testing out some new stuff including my pal craig testing out my new casting flies for lure rods enjoy 

( a loch in scotland) 

Saturday 17 June 2017

cave mumblings


a massive well done to amos paul mak on this cracking 20lb something oz carp caught on one of my flies during a kayak predator fishing comp on a fishery in engerland last weekend   

a really great catch on the fly and what a battle he had , far better than catching them on big rods and boillies and far more sporting 

gor to say a massive thanks to amos for sending the picture in as a lot of people catch a lot of fish but for obvious reasons they dont want the piking circus descending on there venues and i totally respect that . but thanks again amos great fish .


my cave is many things , my away place , my place where i put ideas onto hooks , my place where i make things to catch predatory creatures in dark waters , my place where i go for sanctuary , my place i go to make my living , most of all all its the place i go to be me . this is where im most happy and where i can really be free to create at whatever time i want 

my fiance is very understanding of who i am  

below is a few examples of whats been coming out the cave 

i love experimenting with colors and materials this is just something that hit me one night when i saw a dolphin fish on TV and thought hmmmmmm thats quite awesome colors so of i went and produced this . im also keen on green and orange as you can see in the background

superhair baitfish   

Ssuperhair is a material i enjoy working with , its quite stiff but you can do a lot with it , in this case a stiff slimmer type of baitfish but also mixed with some saddle hackle to produce a nice looking slim baitfish 

same tye but with grizzled hackle and a deer creek gator eye these eyes really set off any fly  check out those colors 

the fly above is made pretty much completely of gliss n mix and with a plain 8mm eye, this has an amazing action in the water , pulsing and enticing , the head is finished with deercreeks new builder uv 


thundercreeks are a wee passion of mine and i make these for fun on streamer hooks , you know these are such a fantastic fly and so easy to make and a great starter fly if you want to delve into the world of predator fly tying .

these are so easy to fish a well you can cast and strip em back or you cant figure of 8 em back or you can even just dead drift em , they will catch an inordinate amount of species in both fresh and saltwater  such a fantastic pattern .and only made from bucktail and a bit of flash 

i have branched out a little on these as you do and im starting to experiment with different materials , like marabou and im enjoying the results so far .

 writing the blog beer break 

subsurface lumieye roach 
( still perfecting this pattern but looking good so far) 

halfway through a custom build in the cave , i love when people give me there ideas to put on hooks and its funny when they go "oh a bit of this and a bit of that and oh can you make it like this to do this " well so far all has gone as planned and the folks keep coming back so im doing something right 

the picture above is one such order and the customer was very specific about what he wanted and im happy to say he is delighted with the build although he wont be using them on his river till the first frosts come , love getting things right .

of course in between orders i do make some for myself as well , "like i need anymore flies" and the above is kinda like one of my fried alive baitfish only bigger and im really excited to be fishing this bugger just feels like its going to nail em 

of course its not all about synthetic materials i do still love my natural patterns and the big 10 inch pattern above is pretty much all natural but also jointed these things are great to use and really stir up the preds , this fly is designed to fish like a jig and on the bottom with hook up , killer pattern i reckon 

another bespoke order , client wanted a silver belly with a black back , happy to oblige , i must point out that all the bespoke ties are the property of the person who designed it , i always ask if it is ok to share the pattern and if not then thats fine it dosnt get reproduced or sold to other folks , just to make that clear . 

im now selling limited flies i do in between bespoke orders these are proving very popular and usually sell in no time so keep an eye on the Facebook page , alternatively if you need flies please just mail me  

the only limit is your imagination 

so thats pretty much it for now im off doing some subbug fishing next week so hopefully have some green things on video and im not talking my partner for the day duke who will be trying something completely different ......stay tuned 

(a cave in scotland)

Friday 9 June 2017

new cave progress


first off i have to give a big shout out to my friend Chris Vincent for supplying me with my favorite mag you sir are a legend , was waiting for me when i got home so poured a wine and got stuck in (enjoy the flies chris)  , fantastic read and always good to have a different perspective on things , and in the near future i plan to make every fly in an issue , not sure time wise because ..................... 


im building a new cave at the moment , its a slow progress due to work commitments but ive started to get some semblance of order and ive started to sort my boxes out

there is a fair bit to sort out im realizing that ive bitten off slightly more than i can chew .....ooops

ok head into gear and a couple of hook boxes on the wall that will do , right next to where ill be sitting , i like to not have to move a lot when im tying flies  i like everything close at hand and i like to know where every thing is , this saves a whole lotta time when tying lots of different patterns 

the actually process of getting a nice area of space to tye on was really a matter of how much i could fit bench wise and i needed to also store boxes on the back of the work space , so myself and the wifefish headed up to out local diy store to see what they had , i did have an idea in my head of what i needed and i originally though some pine planks would do the job and i could just cut them down to size to fit the gap and give me the width i needed , but then i found some loft flooring which came in a pack of 3 and actually was the right width so absolutely perfect so 2 made up the main tying deck and one made up the shelf and a fraction of the cost of what i was going to do originally.

first off i fitted some batons on the side walls these were screwed in to wall with monster screws  and then added the 1st shelf above the desk   

taking shape and fitting well 

so a few tweeks some more storage boxes added and i painted the desk white this was to reflect the tying light i was putting in and i needed to add a camera for tying videos .

so the final set up is above and ive had about a week to play and tinker and record videos , the light i picked up from ikea and i was really surprised how much light this threw out absolutely perfect for tying , the apeman camera is on a clip so i can clip it it on the shelf and angle as i need

and there you have it my new cave , ok so ill probably add a few things as time goes on , like a jack Daniels dispenser and some speakers for my metal but thats about it done and dusted

happy scotsman

ok so below ive included some new tying videos from the cave hope you enjoy , ill be adding stuff fairly regularly now so heres a couple of samples from my youtube channel enjoy.

and im now in production mode so if you need some fluff please contact me through the usually ways or mail me direct at 

see you all soon

(a cave in scotland )