Monday 27 January 2014

nearly time folks

Markus hoffman
A Viking tying everything from ultra-realistic to basic dry flies you really have to see this master Viking at work and his first time tying in the uk , a very special event you don’t want to miss him

The completely mad as a bunch of spanners
Andy saunders

he will be tying River nymphs and dry flies. Stillwater nymphs and competition flies and,  speaking in a language only know to himself we have managed to secure a weekend pass for him so come say hello and bring him a banana 

Despite only being let out for short periods of time and for wedding and funerals, andys flies sell like hot cakes so make sure you get em when you see him as when there gone there gone at the show and if you look at the quality of the work youll understand why, and why deer creek is his home because when you make the best only the best non tacky uv will do

Since finishing his tv stint with rab c nessbit scott again graces the bffi doing what he does best 

This will be his 4th year tying at the BFFI and what a privilege it is too.

This Year I will demonstrating my new Grayling Range, Clydestyles, Rainbow favourites & my 2nd strain of Slovenian style Gamaruses.

Look forward to meeting you all again new and old

Dave mcfluffchucker
new ideas new materials traditional pike flies 

Yes old me , I’ve working on some new ideas for pike fluff and will be tying over the whole weekend and producing things like these below using gliss and glint plus

I will again this year have an extra vice so if you’re interested in sitting down for a lesson with me and tie your own pike fly with gliss and glint plus then just ask it won’t cost you a bean I will provide everything you need and yes you can keep the fly at the end no charge………

Now I had an email this week from somebody asking if I would mind signing a copy of ad swiers new book and maybe a photograph, well as folks will know im not out there to be any kind of famous or shit like that but im more than happy to talk to anyone who cares to stop me for a chat and I really enjoyed talking to people last year and such positive feedback was really great to hear what folks had input in what I was doing so yes if you want to bring the book along then no problem and if you really want a picture more than happy to do this also

Im also this year going to be tying monster sized pike flies and showing that by using the right materials a 15 inch pike fly can weigh the same as a 6 inch one , stop by and check it out

The destroyer
Back again this year but with a slightly larger waistline 

The bearded doughnut smuggler will this year be tying his really quite awesome Scottish loch patterns, now if you haven’t ever seen the destroyers flies close up well I can honestly say I have never seen better than what he ties really stop by and check them out these things are magic on a hook I am really in awe of his work and lucky enough to actually own a couple ………….trust me you won’t find better at the bffi this year 

The master of the sea trout fly dai jones will also be doing his magic check out his well good bloog for more bffi info and tiers here

And off course the deercreek stand will be behind us where you can get the best materials for your ties and please to say the folks at castle feathers will also be there with there fine range of capes

Hope to see you there 

deer creek pro team predator 
non better although plenty try

Thursday 2 January 2014

come say hello


learn how to tie flies like this dude did on one of my patterns and catch fish like this 

tight lines from the cave 
(a new cave in scotland)