Saturday 7 November 2015

busy days ahead , busting Pollock and Scottish pike

 at least somebody's getting out to fish, yes indeed and getting some stonking pollock , i was recently away with work for a few days when i got these pictures from stevie at guided pike fishing , he was away for a few days and decided to throw a few of my gliss and glint deep sandeels from the shore and bugger was he at the right place at the right time and absolutely hammered them 

from stevies account the pollock were chasing smaller fish and putting one of these in front of did the trick with him landing bucket loads and apparently he got smashed by a monster as well , if you havent caught pollock on the fly you really should get out and try it even the smaller fish go like rockets so i can only imagine what these went like , and cool pics as well never easy taking good pictures when your on your own well if your a photography Luddite like me , so appreciated the snaps

stevies set up was as follows
rod 10wgt (trust me needed)
intermediate line
and 25lb seager flurocarbon

not a complicated set up but then you really dont need to complicate things and as you can see the old adage of keep it simple paid off big time 

stunning looking fish 

and obviously better with one of my flies hanging out its chomping gear 

what its all about the end of a good fight and its still hanging on thanks to stevie at 
for the pictures 

so not only is stevie bagging up in the salt one of few guys i tie for (as you know i only tie for select folks ) darren barcik has recently become a total convert to the fluff and is getting some great results in scottish waters doing short sessions (never easy) so total respect there heres a few of darrens recent catches (photos used with kind permission cheers darren) 

again darren was on his own and never easy taking pictures by yourself but nice to see the fish being unhooked in the water as it should be done 

sneaky peak at the fly in the corner of the picture , a blend of naturals and synthetics (and some people scoffed at me making these flies a few years ago bit of humble pie being eaten just now i suspect) i like to think outside the box now and again and the proof is in the eating , i think the pics say it all 

again big shout out to darren for the pics and please as has happened before dont ask me to disclose locations as this aint happening , unfortunately the internet has been influential in the killing of a lot of waters in scotland so i aint going to add to that and client confidentiality is everything .

darren gets out a lot more than me for shorter chucking adventures and he has agreed to keep me up to speed on his catches so youll probably see a few of his pics popping up but maybe not all the flies 

cheers again darren    
and remember folks theres no pike like a scottish pike 

so still doing a lot of tying bespoke flies , but in-between been getting some other stuff out ,the flies below were for nick at   

blended gliss n glint with an 8mm gator eyes (i still think these are the sexiest eyes on the planet)

synthetic and natural deep down weighted head baitfish 

blended breamer streamer weighted head 

blended lite tye - although this looks quite bulky there is actually very little materials in this, which gives it the most translucent and awesome movement when in the water 

welcome to the freak show 

just got to love these eyes.

in search of perch  

as some of you may know perch drive me crazy i just cant catch the bloody things so ive started to fill up a new fly box with some patterns for the local canals , im determined to get a load at some point , my biggest perch is 3.5lb  on the fly and that was by accident on a pike fly , always happens to me whenever i catch a perch its big and ive not targeted it so next year im on a mission to actually target the things this space 

so winter is pretty much nearly upon us and the days shorten so its the time of year i get most time to myself on the vice and this winter will be extra cool as ill be teaching the lovely caroline the fine art of  tying predator flies so that will be interesting and just watch her out fish me next year and probably catch a shed load of perch on the flies she tyes , i can so see that happening .

so with that i have to get off and feed my son lots of e numbers before he goes back to his biological mother and i have to go finish some neutral buoyancy flies im working on (yes ill be filling up the bath to try them out) so hopefully some pics next blog post .

see ya all soon and if your out on the water this winter , stay safe and stay warm 

(a cave in scotland) 

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