Sunday 29 June 2014

fly tying





(a cave in scotland)

Saturday 7 June 2014

stir crazy and new adventures

chewing the cud and other fascinating stories
theres a lot of pictures in the blog this week so will keep the writing to a minimum

so yea i got some new threads although im not really sure why as fish dont care if you pretending to be a tree in a boat 

andy pandy saunders came to visit for a few days , we laughed we joked we drank whisky (a lot of whisky) we fished and fished , we had manly tying sessions and made lots of strange noises , the destroyer refused to eat my food ..............hes a bloody food critic now is he BGC 

conditions were really not ideal but when you have 3 loonies in a boat theres never a dull moment  

black flies are still featuring quite highly on the old money in the bank list as bro ken capsey would say just couldnt fail with these last year 

we stopped for lunch and the destroyer pulled his best hooker look dude just not doing it for me 

of course i rock like a mother fooker as casters fly shop in the usa would say

the destroyer gets buzzed by weird glowing stuff , probably attracted by the smell 

BGC saunders showed me his technique of fast catch and release that was like a 2 second release awesome  

my favorite time on the loch 

BGC saunders took a few shot for the upcoming deercreek movie 

arty farty again i should just stick to flies 

the destroyer in my kitchen , i have to say it was a darn fine chilli well it would be his wife cooked it 

so on a trouty hunt yup you read write i dug out the 6 wght and went chasing wild fish in the rivers 

what a place to fish

there was a lovley grayling in his hand a second ago 

still too bloody bright 

too young gay lovers wading in the stream , ok thats a lie neither saunders or the destroyer is young

3 pro team members in a bathroom ok thats a whole another story

go wild in the country

the destroyers new bird 

we fished off these stocked rainbow trout fisheries , probably the most boring fishing experience ive ever had

the destroyer manged a nice brown trout although it didnt count because it was a mud puddle pig

see what i have to work with

so next week ill post my last fishing trip in which i caught a few and had an unfortunate experience with a flying hook and im going to unleash on internet idiots 

tight lines 
(a cave in scotland)