Thursday 19 February 2015

day 7 - end of days

DAY 7 
end of days

so day 7 and the last day of 7 flies in 7 days (sort off) lost passwords and called into work delayed things ha the best laid plans and all the that blahhh

so the last tie is 
fish head sandeel 

 hook - dai riki 2/0
belly - Icelandic sheep hair (white)
back Icelandic sheep hair (olive)
flash -2 strands of green holographic flashbou
throat - red angel hair 
head - deercreek fish head
thread - clear mono 

 fish slam this fly like the toilet door when the plagues in town , , fish it in the salt or fish it in the river current hung hi so it sits in the current and wait for the slam 

see ya all soon 

( a loveless lonely cave in Scotland)

Wednesday 18 February 2015

DAY 6 .........

DAY 6 

actually its day 7 (i think ) got called into work and work 25.5 hours as somebody was ill , so not being able to use the works computer which kinda left me stuffed for lasts nights post so here it is 

all purpose fresh water baitfish 

hook 6/0
overback - black crystal flash blended with black gliss n glint
throat - red angel hair 
head - epoxy mask 

total length 7 inchs 

ok so tomorrow is the final day and at this particular moment i have no idea what im tying (no pressure then) see ya all tomorrow

big shout out to brother ken in Vermont who emerged from his leach and bean infested swamp to say hi on yesterdays post ........miss my bro get your dumb redneck backside back in the ozone 

a dumb redneck but awesome fly tier 


Monday 16 February 2015

day 5



thread - clear mono
hook - dai riki 2/0
body - white bucktail 
flash - 2 strands of crystal flash (cut in half 4 pieces)
eyes - red dumbbell 
head - finished with diamond fine uv 

probably the most successful fly i use for sea bass and fast and easy to tie a bunch 

Sunday 15 February 2015

day 4 small fly funk


small stuff

go to canal roach fly 

hook - size 22 wet fly hook
body - i strand of black crystal flash
head - half a peacock herl 
body covered with diamond fine uv 

this is my pretty much go to fly for roach fishing in clear canals (i also have a red version for summer) i fish these in teams of 3 on a 3 wgt outfit absolutely great fun 

(sorry for the rubbish picture bad light and a bad camera man :-) )

Saturday 14 February 2015

day 3


perch perch baby

hook - 5/0 stinger
belly - orange gliss n glint plus
back - jackpike gliss n glint plus 
overback - welsh slate gliss n glint plus
eye 8mm doll eye 
head - 30 min z poxy 
thread - clear mono
(z poxy was used rather than uv cure due the the stems on the eyes , once epoxy is applied inside the back of the head this provides a firm platform for the stems and also provides weight to the head which gives the fly a fantastic sink and draw action )

Friday 13 February 2015

day 2

DAY 2 

ok well technically its day 3 but if you've had the misfortune to try and work out how to get goggle codes to sign into your own bloody account then i think youll let this one slide anyway day 2 

bucktail baitfish   

hook - 5/0 
belly - prime northern bucktail yellow 
back - prime northern bucktail chartreuse
tail - predator flash from deercreek
eye - 8mm roachie gator eye 
head deercreek diamond fine uv
total length 6 inch's 

hopefully google willing ill have day 3 up tomorrow night but if it dosnt appear you'll know why  

Wednesday 11 February 2015

7 days 7 blogged flies (day one)


ok so bagged my self 7 days of work (shame i couldn't get it last weekend) anyway set myself a little challenge of blogging 7 flies over 7 days just for fun as there's no fishing to be had as my local is frozen so here we go 



hook - 5/0 assist 
gills - red angel hair 

tied very sparsely to allow the core to shine, total length 6 inchs


so tomorrow who knows check in tomorrow evening  and find out or if you have a request just leave a comment .......thanks folks 

(a cave in scotland)

Monday 9 February 2015

fly fishing community please read

please read and share this on your blog or facebook page lets help barry get his stuff back 

STOLEN... and owner seeks its return! 

During the latter part of the Saturday at BFFI in Stafford some light fingered arse made off with a pack owned by Barry Ord Clarke containing Mustad hooks, part prepared multi-coloured hot melt streamer bodies on hooks, spools of Dyneema, approx. 50 flies tied byBarry and tools including long bladed Petitjean scissors and the dubbing spinner featured in the step-by-step...

The spinner in the picture has two weights but it actually has three as you can adjust the weight of the spinner. It was made for Barry. I suggest that if you are the light fingered lowlife that you return the pack as the dubbing spinner is easily identifiable so you'll never be able to use it without potentially being found out. Anonymously returned to Steve Cooper or to Veniardwill absolve you to some extent... someone may of course have picked it up in error - please restore our faith and return it.

Thursday 5 February 2015

FEBUARY 2015 view from the cave

well happy 2015 or have i already said that this year hmmmm anyway dear readers so were into February already and the first tepid steps towards being out on the water chasing fish again seem to be that much closer , well providing i can get the time off work , isnt that just the curse of the angler work pfffft but yea have a few things planned already so looking ok for that . 

 so tying wise, well despite not being overly active  on the blog (and thanks to all those who mailed to actually see if i was OK , that's very much appreciated) i have been doing a fair bit of tying through January ', but these have been bespoke ties so ive been unable to show pictures of them ive also been trying out some new combos of colors and blending and of course doing what i do as part of the deercreek pro staff family some of which you can see below ...enjoy

beauty in shades of purple

hook- 6/0
belly-agean blue - gliss n glint plus
back -midnight majik - gliss n glint plus
flash- electric blue angel hair
thread- clear mono


im starting to get a bit of an obsession with flatwing type flies that im seriously looking forward to trying these out on the local pike population , yea i know technically a sandeel is a saltwater fish but i had a day on the local where i was trying out some deercreek sandeel heads and i just nailed pike after pike on them so im thinking that the pike may actually thing they were freshwater eels so keen to try the longer thinner patterns out , im sure i may get a few short strikes on them but i think these are light enough to be completely inhaled at  8 inchs , time will tell but ive already half filed a box with them so bloody better work

mixing it up 

been mixing up the gliss and glint plus with superhair and enjoying the results , the flies above i placed in water to show the profile to a client who wanted some 6 inch bait fish for canal fishing and lets face it you wont go far wrong with these on canals 


again gliss n glint plus is again always on the menu , if you haven't tried it you really should amazing stuff , again watch out for cheap copies out there there's some real rubbish hitting the market these days and to be fair use what you like but why use copies when you can use the original for the same price as the uninspiring cheap copies and also worth thinking about that we have been field testing this stuff for at least a year before its on the market and on real fish buy it here at deer creek leaders in synthetic materials

hand sized pike snaks these are incredibly light and the shimmer they give of in the water has to be seen to be believed quite nice flies for those over stocked troot puddles  

same idea with the trout but just eased up on the color, so a more muted effect and a larger eye

these perch are heading out to the states where yellow perch are the main source of food in this customers particular lake system, again gliss and glint plus rules the roost when it comes to innovative colors and flash none better

big and bad and mixed up

ok so another order, im ok to show the flies (i always ask first) these have been custom made to a specific recipe that came to me in an email . i kinda got what he wanted but just tweaked it slightly to maximize movement  and hollow tied the pink gliss and glint in at the head for added body without the extra weight , the original design called for what i thought were too large saddle hackle so i made a proto type (above) and sent the picture to the customer, i didn't hear anything back until a couple of days later when he replies holy f**k dude that's sick thanks man i guess it hit the spot , don't usually fool around with customer patterns but thought i could give him a better fly and well if he didn't like it i could have just kept it myself .......


tied on a 6/0 and using snow white gliss and glint plus and red flash under the head , this hot core is my take on the classic red and white pattern lure that catches so many fish around the world , a fly that does really well for me and tied with the minimum of materials the movement is out of this world hot cores are great flies and work well in all sizes 

just indulging myself in some big bad bucktail patterns , one of those flies that well , i just stuck my hook in the vice and said hmmmm what to tie and the result is above , big fly as well hoook eye to feather tip is 10 inches

when ive had the time ive been playing with new ideas for pike flies like these below

these flies have long been in use for American stripped bass and i always though they may be quite good for pike so i knocked up a few to try , initially i thought they make suffer from short strikes but as i was tying them i was thinking they may more likely get inhaled  but the proof will be in the fishing and trial and error i think , still i think they look sexy anyway and failing that ill chuck em in the salt for pollock :-)

 ok so this weekend is the bffi , the big fly tying show in engerland , sadly this year im not going to be there as i couldn't get the time of work and i have my son over but in my place they have markus hoffmeister , Chris rawle and some spangle called scott kane on tiers row along with some baldy heided stockie basher called andy "love you long time" saunders so that should just about make up for me not being there ha ha ha ha ha, anyway get over and say hi to the guys and if you say "hello our glourious leader to the deer creek boss nick write im reliable informed he will give you a couple of m and ms :-) just do it , it will make his day .

my next outing will be at the absolutely awesome fly fest in cumbria so i look forward to seeing you there ,m last year was a blast with the deer creek crew and this year promises to be the same and ill be offering free one on one tying lessons show casing the best in deer creek gliss and glint plus , gator eyes and diamond uv resin if youd like a go just say hello .

and soon be time to go chasing pikes again happy days flinging fluff 
later folks 
(a cave in scotland)