Sunday 10 June 2018

life in the cave


ok so still going strong been an incredibly busy couple of months with orders going out to shops and guides and all corners of the globe and with my day job between things can get left behind   

so a brief summery 

some stuff heading out to a guide with my custom wiggle tails 

new perchy type patterns have been doung the buisness 

my big tail flies have also been causing a stir with local esox populations 

4/0 and 2/0 hooks 100 of each for a monster clouser order for a private customer which has kept me busy  

and of course playing with my fibre which has been selling well 

so its been a hellava ride the last month or so 

metal in the cave 

so the result of a few days in the cave working fingers to the bone , however i did manage to get out for a few hours with a good friend to the awesome raith lake fishery over in fife take a look 

a nice rainbow of a couple of pounds on a shrimp fly 

which was a bout all that was happening for a few hours as there was a very sharp drop in temperature so i broke out the fast sink line and a big white streamer  

which proved the right thing today as it resulted in this new personnel best rainbow trout of 8lb 2 oz so i was well chuffed and even better when its caught on one of your own flies 

pascal the guide from switzerland has also be catching a few early season pike up in the lakes on wiggle tails 

and finally cod yup cod to a friend ian from a kayak of the east coast of Scotland these jig flies are certainly doing the business a few of the patterns are show below and will shortly be available to purchase on the blog  check the flies for sale tabs at the top as they will be added in the next week work permitting so below is an example of the jigs ive been making for folks all on 6/0 hooks and around 4 to 5 inchs long and yes they can also e used on lure rods as well as fly rods 

these have been catching all sorts in saltwater and freshwater and have to count as the most versatile fly ive ever made if it eats fish these will catch it 


 so not much else going on except busy in the cave but have a few things in the offing so check back for 
new wiggle tail colors 
new hooks
jig flys  

thanks again for checking by 


a cave in scotland