Monday 16 October 2017

hey maw im on the radio


well been a helava month since my last post  started a new job with some crazy hours but have been managing to get some vice time in and some planned fishing with duke (well sort off) so whats been going down well let me tell ya 

had a message from the fellas over at svsfishing asking if i would like to join them in a podcast to talk about all things scotland , fishing, whiskey ,and fly tying , and well i was delighted to join in and it ended up being a blast what fun we had , i was actually working that day and had been up since 5am , so with the time difference it was actually around 23:30 when i took to the airwaves and i was on for a good couple of hours so by the time i git to bed it was 2am but you know what a great bunch of guys and loved every min of it , you can check out my podcast and some other great names on the link below to listen or download   



so unless you have been living under a rock in the uk you will have noticed that the pike trials have been taking place at blagdon lake which has been causing mass hysteria among pike fly fishers in the uk because it was widely believed that this lake would produce a new British record pike so off course the interest was massive , but the downside was that i was seeing a few people who had never flyfished in there lives buying the gear to go and do this this to me was quite shocking as it takes time to build up the expertise to land big fish on a fly rod or really any pike so this was worrying .

the other thing was that this was being pushed as a trial meaning the fish hadn't been targeted before well to be quite frank this was bollocks as i know that they have been fished for frequently by folks going on there but hey im not part of that particular circus so i was glad i wasn't part of it especially at 200 quid a boat just not my thing but watched with interest the results .

but saying that there were still undoubtedly large fish in there to be caught so i was still happy to make flies for folks who were fishing it 

most nights i worked long into the night to get them done as i had a deadline to make 

so i watched with interest at the results for the first day and they were pretty good and i think the biggest was a 30lb + fish and quite a few 20s caught , but folks were complaing about damage from being caught before and although some of this was undoubtedly from catches from trout anglers you have to ask how many of these fish were targeted by pike fly fishers being on there and i know they had a few guys on there lure fishing a while ago but ill watch with interest as questions are asked of bristol water who run this and chew as the internet seems to be gathering pace just now on this very subject .

but a couple of my customers had a few great fish as below 

so a big well done to the 2 richards from Sheffield who despite terrible conditions managed a few 

great fishing fellas 

so had a plan to fish with my pal and fishing buddy duke , we had arranged to go play on the canal and fish small for the hope of perch , it was more an exploratory trip to see what it was like round there , however come the morning it was blowing a massive one and duke called me to see if we should venture out , i decided to hang back and asked him to call around 1pm and see if the wind had died down .

well 1pm came and went and turns out duke had gone back to bed (he works nights) and eventually messaged me at 6pm apologizing but hey no worrys as it turns out the weather had go worse so we wouldnt have got out anyway , further plans are now in place .


so whats been coming out the cave , well be still happily blending my own materials and very happy with the shades and flash mixture and its opened a whole new world of fishy colors so below are a few that have made the grade all on 7/0 hooks 


i make no apology but i absolutely love american streamers and enjoy making them and making pike versions of them , i guess its my little get away from big pike flies and find them very therapeutic so below are some ive done on esox 2 5/0 hooks , so yea big so enjoy my indulgence 


something mildly satisfying about blending your own colors 

again busy with getting flies out to customers , these were bought from my store (check the top bar in the blog flies for sale 1 and 2)

bespoke flies done and heading south shortly , bespoke are my favorites flies to tye as i can get creative with color blends that have worked in the past and customers love them and more importantly catch fish on them.


these are some bespoke flies that i made 13 inchs of fish munch they are boyant and sinking patterns very effective flies that can be twitched back along the bottom or used on the surface very much look like dying distressed fish when twitched back 


the claymore baitfish is just one of those flies that has everything looks movement flash and an attitude , i designed this to be very lightweight to fish but big and not lose on action this thing looks great in the water , only done 2 colors so far but love the pattern and can do it in all sizes which is cool 

boom , just a great picture and a simple fly 

been a helluva tying mouth but charged on through it and now have an empty order board i have gone through countless threads tons of materials and dont know how many eyes,scary thought been a long time since the board was clear , but then then it wont last long before it full again .

cave life spent quite a lot of time in here love it 


i get asked quite a lot about buying online in other country's and to be honest i only ever supply one outlet per country and thats with original flies that you can only purchase from them so the flies below are available from 

this is an online store in Holland and have some very cool stuff so please have a browse around at here other stuff as well , plenty for the fly fisher 

these bangers are fantastic for predators , i fish these with fast sink lines so they float off the bottom and twitch them back and they really wiggle , they have been pretty successful for zander and perch in europe 

also available are these sandeel type patterns , now these are killers for tons of species i kid you not from bass and saltwater species right through to trout , pike , perch zander , and even carp a very versatile pattern that fishes oh so well the ones above are tied on 2/0 hooks and will be avalible over at  as soon as the postman gets them there 

so with that i bid you farewell and tightlines see ya all in a few weeks 

( a cave in scotland)