Wednesday 29 August 2018

happy trails

off chasing muskys in the states with brother ken in vermont 

see ya all in a few weeks 

its going to be messy  

Monday 6 August 2018

hello america good to be back

greetings from the cave 

well really is it that time already , where does the time go hell knows , i have been busy with the pressures of 12 hour shifts and trying to balance work / home / tying / fishing life which aint easy , so i decided i needed to take some time out and i was long overdue a return visit to brother ken over in vermont so flights have been booked and off chasing musky , smallies and pike 1st week of sept oh what a blast that will be if its anything like last time .

although its not been easy sailing , far from it because ive opted to travel from Edinburgh for the cheapest fairs it means i have to fly from edinburgh to chicago and have an 8 hour wait for a flight to montreal then a short hop down to the us border where brother ken is , now this is where the plan slightly comes apart as my flight lands at 11pm and the last bus is at 11:30 pm , now im pretty sure that im not going to be cleared customs and collecting luggage and finding said bus stop in 30 mins so could be a night in the airport unless theres somebody in montreal who wants to earn a few bucks by giving me a lift down to the us border at vermont then please give me a mail , otherwise it will be a night in the airport but hey thats how it goes and i dont really mind sure ill be able to get some grub and some coffee , but im hyped for doing this and really cant wait to get other and see ken and his family and other buddys over there .

so at the vice tying big ol musky flies 

these things are nuts and how much fun to tye , these are triple articulated with deerhair heads and tons of feathers and should work exactly as i want the to , but seriously these flies are absolutely addictive to tye so will no doubt have a box full by the time i go over :-)   

smallies on the brain 

ok so i needed some crease fly type flies for my trip as i did very well last time i was over there with the smallies on the winooski river and ken has said he is taking me to a couple of new spots doing some wet wading for them , which by the way is my favorite thing ever , such a cool way to fish for them .

so i needed to source some bits and as im not really sponsored by anyone i can prettymuch do as i please so did a quick google search and i came across jerkbaitmania who i have known about previously so decided to place an order and have to say was well impressed with not only delivery but quality of goods so please check em out and support the independent guys  

the crease fly foam is actually really nice and has a great scale like appearance and comes in a range of colours and at the moment ive made so many i need a new fly box for em great stuff lol

a few things from the foam 

these patterns are pretty cool and i coat the flies with a layer of epoxy these things really slayed for me last time i was over there so i expect these will also do the trick , more to follow shortly 

was also quite impressed the jerkbaitmania also sell my favorite fastach fly clips , ive been using these for a few years now and have so far been the most reliable i have used

all at sea  

so headed out on a boat trip from st abbs a few weeks ago with a slightly different set up which consisted of my bucktail patterns lowered to the bottom of the north sea and jigged around for cod and pollock , i do these in a wide range of colours and serious amounts of fish are being caught on the east coast with these things but these are not only good for saltwater they are great for fresh water fish as well especially perch they really eat these things with gusto 

and you can also fish these on lrf rods as well as fly rods as the epoxy heads give them just enough weight to be cast and jigged off the bottom bellow is a few examples of the patterns , these are made with size 2/0 hooks but they can be made anysize.

cod love em 

proof is in the eating folks 

so on the way back in after a very successful day with a lot of cod and my flies outfished everything else on the boat cant go wrong with that 

more catches on my fluff 

ok so the proof of the pudding is in the catch so congrats to these guys on some fine fish

fly tying 

you know i love tying flies and tye thousands a year and its a delight to see folks catching on them , all my patterns are unique and custom blended most of the time and i enjoy every part of the process from a snippet of an idea in my head to seeing the finished product 

some are pretty straightforward some like the musky flies are tie consuming and need a lot of patience to get the perfect results but love it and its what keeps me going and i love my zen place  

 finally a late addition called views from another planet 
i cannot believe i walked into my local angling center and was wandering around when i spotted this , ok so we all like a big flashy fly but jesus christ this feckin awful pigs breakfast costs £10.00 uk yup you heard right 10.00 uk pounds thats like 12 us dollars . fulling mill are you having a laugh that is the most absurd rip off ever, ten quid for a pike fly what planet are you on, and you know the other thing is i saw a really small sea trout fly with a grubby bit of jungle cock on for nearly a fiver , really your taking the piss for such crap quality . these people are really from another planet 

as ive always said shop with a local tier , there are thousands of us out there just check facebook pages for local guys who tie not just pike but there is some talented guys out there for trout , salmon ,saltwater you name it theres a local guy that will supply you for a much fairer price , heres how to do it on facebook or instagram .

1- see a picture of a fly you like 
2 - message the guy who posted/ tied it expressing an interest in buying one 
3-  do the deal 
4- get a locally tied fly that the person who tied it actually fishes for the species it was made for 
5- avoid african made shit that falls apart after a few fish 

even if that person dosnt sell them he will know somebody who does 
or here is an idea , how about local tackle shops supporting local tiers by stocking there flies 

whatever you dont buy african made shit at 10 quid a fly 

if your looking for a tyer i can point you in the right direction just message me and ill forward you to somebody either in the uk , europe or the usa who is nor african


box of big flies not made in africa  

all handmade in a cave in scotland need flies message me 

fook you african made flies 
(a cave in scotland)