Friday 28 September 2012

your going down scammer

Kenyan pattern scamming dickheads
OK first off I cant stand scammers they are scum of the earth plying there poison all over facebook , trying to scam you out of money for so called commercial fly tying , be warned people these people are just out to get whatever they can from you and they don't care how they do it , these idiots have contacted me so I have every right to shame these people and have a little fun along the way , please people never buy flies from these people even if you do actually manage to get some flies the quality will be awful , buy local buy from shops in your own country who buy from local tiers who actually know what there doing.
here's eddy scumbag scammer and man of god (apparently)

really you got to laugh here’s a mail I got from “eddy karori” to my pike flies account on facebook
Hey prick (yes he really did spell pike wrong )Am exporter of fishing from Nairobi Kenya and I would like to do business with you I can send samples on request”

well once id stopped pissing myself laughing I decided to play along

do you tie a fly called a subbug have you heard of it do you have any pictures of your version of it”
his reply
Yes I do tie them subbag(subbag whats a subbag lol) do you wants it samples or you are ready to give a try order. I can give a email of my customer in america and she says mine are the best in the world(better than mine your a legend lol).carolyn nichools.92@facebook,com
my reply
OK how much can you do each fly for (if i order 100) i will trust you as you look like a very trustworthy person so a sample wouldn't be needed but can you maybe send me a picture of one of your subbugs so i know they are the same thing , i have many customers waiting for subbugs how quickly could you make them

he sent me this through facebook
my reply
wow very cool are these your ties if there are id like to order 20 of each depending on price including shipping , where did you learn to tie such lovely flies
his reply
Hey pike hope you are well and fine those are my flies its my lord blessing.I do sell and pack in dozen for one dozen am sell to you us20dollas per dozen, shiping is on my side.I use world one courer it takes 3 working a very expensive method but safe my flies are best in world
my reply
yes yes this sounds perfect , instead of posting them would you deliver them to my Friend who is a manager at the royal Nairobi golf club (you know this place) (I just goggled this quite random)if you need some us dollars in advance for materials i will mail him and tell him to pay you half in advance the rest will be paid when you bring the flies to him he is coming to visit me soon so will bring them to me by hand when can you have them ready............
his reply
This sound great I need 50 per cent up pay ment and trust me I will never disapoint you and I keep my words afer them uppayment it will take 7 day to complet it. How many doznes
When you email your friend @
Royal nairobi club give him my contact so he that he may call me when ready am mr karori tel no 0713929065
my reply
OK this is good i will take 5 dozen subbugs (each one in the picture) i will email my Friend Mr Ben Dover at the club and mail you later so he can get the money to you can you let me know how much you need please .
His reply
Thank u sir.5 dozen is good 4 a start but I was thinking because this is hand delivery 10 dozen could be much better but its okay . 5 doz is 100 us dollas so ben is to give me 50 dollars in kenya money 4500ksh

ooooops the dick got his sums wrong I received 2 messages
I am very sory 4 that sms I had sent they were 5 photos x 5 dozen put it to 25 dozens x 20 usdolls make it 5oo dollas so you are to send 250 usdollas into kenya sh22000 thanks
my reply
yes that's fine 250 us dollars when could you make it up to the club to pick up the cash actually I'm thinking that as I'm going to have them bought to me by Ben i may be as well doubling the order so could you handle that that would be 1000 us dollars would you be able to do this , obviously id give you 500 us dollars up front for the materials(he must be jumping for joy at this message ha ha ha ha ha ha )
his reply
That sounds good
And good order 4 a start hope 2 do long term business, the club is near way home so I can pick it any moment you tells me, I give you my christian word I will do perfect work

(ahhh hes given me his christian word I feel better now handing over 500 dollors lol)
my reply
my freind ben says i should be careful about handing over money so can you set my mind at ease , for everything to move forward and to seal the deal can you please send me a photograph of you holding a subbug with that days news paper once i see this ill tell ben to contact you to hand over 500 us dollors cash , im sure this wont be a problem for a great tier like you to do this for me
his reply
I will do as u say. But iwas just asking you to give me a chance and a word of trust. And give u christian word . I will deliver. Or to make this simple you ask Ben to ask for my identification card or my passport book to be left with him until I delivery the work its very easy for him to contact the police and say the holder of this book has conned me money hope this is the most porpirate way to work course I can't go any where without my book of indentfication
my reply
hey listen a picture as i said will be fine just to ease my mind , once i see that ill get ben to give you the cash probably same day or the day after
his reply
What about if I could the job without asking the up payment
my reply
hey eddy I'm getting uneasy about this as i don't ask much and i am going to give you 1000 us dollars all i ask is a picture i have another guy in Kenya who mailed me last week maybe he can do it if you don't want the deal
no reply from eddy
so eddy couldn't come up with the goods I've not had a reply from the idiot hes probably trying to tie up a subbug ha ha ha ha ha , but seriously you really are an idiot sending me pictures of my own flies claiming they are yours you really are the biggest fool out there , and you know what you claim to be a man of god and a good Christian well let me tell you fella for these scams your going to be going downstairs to the big hot party with the big red fella with the horns and you bought it all on yourself

My subbugs in production

I also got another mail from a Nigerian scammer who when I sent him a mail asking if he could do pike flies , not only did he reply saying this wasn't a problem but he also included some pictures of his flies which by the way were not only pictures of my friends flys but pictures of MY flies from my websites and he actually followed the link in my email signature to get them I must say I laughed my head of at that one , I sent him a mail last week saying id like a thousand of each pattern but the must be ready for dispatch this Friday and id need a photo as proof he had done them before I sent payment , to this date I've not had a reply but theres a few days to go , hes probably running round the country looking for chickens to pluck …
so eddy couldn't come up with the goods I've not had a reply from the idiot hes probably trying to tie up a subbug ha ha ha ha ha , but seriously you really are an idiot sending me pictures of my own flies claiming they are yours you really are the biggest fool out there , and you know what you claim to be a man of god and a good Christian well let me tell you fella for these scams your going to be going downstairs to the big hot party with the big red fella with the horns and you bought it all on yourself
so people here's the deal
1 – never answer these idiots who send you (I can tie you cheap flies) mails / messages
2 – ask your local shop where they source there flies
3 – ask a fly tying pal to tie some up
4 – never buy anything out of Africa the quality is crap
I'm just really loving making the fried alives just now , there are a very cool looking fly and most defiantly a fish catching machine so here a few I've been tying up the last few days when I've not been laughing at stoopid Kenyans

sometimes nick over at deercreek send me some bags of scrapings that he would otherwise throw away so i use these scraps to either add flash or bulk up a fly but when you can make a whole fly out of it gives what would go in the bin a whole new lease of life here's a small baitfish i made out of some of these scraps .....cheers nick
so folks the time is getting close when the piketrek predator cup sign comes to a close so if your going to fish it or thinking about it then get signed up here its for a great cause , the venue is close to Melton or Leicester so pretty central to the midlands so get out for a day and have some fun with some great prizes
see you all next week when hopefully ill have got out fishing as well
tight lines
(a cave in Scotland)

Monday 24 September 2012

falling in love is horse dung

And the wind continues to cause chaos
and yet another trip has been blown out , I spoke to conan on Thursday about our Friday jaunt this week and said the wind was showing well blowing and that doesn’t bode well for being out on the water I never take any risks when being out on the water , no fish is worth your life so I said id check back with him Thursday evening and check accuweather which is usually spot on for me , I checked it later and decided that we would pencil in a 7am pick up as the wind seemed to be dying down , so when I checked I decided that actually we would be ok if we kept close in to the bank until the wind died off we would be able to fish without taking any risks . As the wind direction was such that we would be in shelter of a forest all day and we should be able to fish quite comfortably so the call was made and the alarm was set.

As the alarm went off and in my groggy pre awake state I heard a noise that sound like waves crashing down on a beach then I was pulled from that dream when I realised that the noise was actually the wind in the trees , I hauled my ass outa bed and into the kitchen where in the pre dawn haze I saw the trees bending over with the wind “oh bugger I thought” and got on the internet and checked out the weather site and although it said it was blowing 13mph winds at my location I knew that in fact it was more like 25/30 and the tail end of a hurricane I decided that it wasn’t worth risking so I called conan and gave him the bad news but hey there’s always next week .
Size 14 wickams fancy er not

you may have seen the above picture doing the rounds on the net this week, I find it quite fascinating that a smallish rainbow trout would have a go at a mouse and proves that what ive long said that if it eats other fish then its a predator so if I turn up at your local fishery and start to throw mouse patterns around please don’t accuse me of poaching the pike I am in-fact fishing for specimen rainbow trout, if there happens to be pike in the water and I accidentally catch one it wasn’t on purpose honest............:-)
lots of tying this week

anybody following the blog will know that me and the barbarian are doing bloody fantastic on my fried alive flies , so ive decided to expanded on them a bit as I had a mail from a client who had bout quite a few last week and wanted some in the specific colour above so here ya go with his blessing to sell his colours is the electric yellow peacock flash fried alive fly , I really cant wait to try this one out as the colours and flash are awesome oh you may like to know where my client is using these well although I never give out specific locations he is in south America and fishes them in fast rivers and streams........that’s probably given you an idea anyway heres the link if youd like to purchase a few


most of you also know that the subbug is one of my favourite flies to tie but its not a fast fly to make indeed some of the patterns can take up to an hour to make , I take great pride in these hotter than hell flies and make everyone so the action is perfect in the water , you may also know I dont usually tie them commercially but im actually going to be doing a few very limited editions for the guys over at vermont fly guys this will be the only place in the world where you’ll be able to buy these .
Bug working

why am I doing these well to be honest I dont supply very many places in fact I usually only supply one shop in any one country with my flies and I only support fellow cottage industries with my stuff im very proud to say I will never tie for the man and my stuff will only go to the hands of fellow fisher folk and ken over at VFG has used and always believed in subbugs so that’s why there going there so should be hitting there store mid October but again in very limited amounts were talking a dozen of each pattern here’s the link to there site(or look em up on facebook) if you wish to bookmark it, you know if your in the market to buy flies here’s what I say and firmly believe , the best quality flies no matter what you fish for come from guys that actually fish for that species and tie flies for them , I mean say you were going trout fishing and wanted some size 18 wickhams fancys making you wouldn’t mail a guy that makes only marlin flies and has never heard of a wickhams fancy would you or get buy a fly for muskies from somebody who has never fished for them you’d go to some guy who has actually fished for them aint rocket science,

old school classics
(the ken capsey fly porn section)

way back in the distant past when I only had maribou feathers and bucktails to play with and ep fibre wasn’t available in the UK and I was pretty much the only guy with a uk pike flies site on msn groups (remember them) there was another guy who did a pike fly called a cronos and had his own group for them, but that was it , well people saw this nifty 13inch pike monster maribou fly called a “mauler” this was a donkey of a fly and a real chuck and duck fly but for all its difficulty in casting this waterlogged monster looked amazing in the water it would hang in the water and puff when you stopped it tied on 2 single hooks with a length of wire in between the 2 hooks to give it the length this really was a killer fly and and my best seller for many years , I think im going to go back and explore this pattern again for old times sake what do you think
Hook storage

I get through a lot of hooks I tie a lot of different patterns on different kinds of hooks and different sizes , even different colour hooks , I tie for small predators in freshwater and I tie for monster saltwater predators so I do need to keep stuff fairly organized and ive found that these boxes are perfect for the job , and all they are business card holders bog standard nothing special 7 quid for 50 on ebay bargain and if you use sharpie pens to write on them you can always just wide it with a damp cloth and its comes off straight away ready for the next hook best storage solution ive found for me anyway …...

OK and so to fishing well me and the bearded barbarian finally got a day out without force 20 winds and geared up with great haste when we got to the loch , just before we were about to load the boat another car pulled up and a chap called jj got out and had a chat with us (conans grayling was defiantly bigger mate) he actually recognised me from my you tube tying videos so we had a chat about that and I gave him one of my infamous fried alive patters to try and we parted ways , he was fishing the shore and we were fishing the boat so wed see him at some point

on the loch

the loch was well down as they were working on the dam so a lot of shore line was visible that id never seen before which was quite interesting but the down side was that with no flow out of the loch there was a largish build up of algae which made things a bit hard to say the least , its not impossible to catch fish in fact my biggest from there came when it was like this to a black subbug on a sinking line but you really have to preserver which is what we did and frustratingly enough we actually had a few missed hits which on a slow day can be very frustrating to miss them .

Eventually towards the end of the day I had a small jack which saw pity on me and put up a spirited fight I let out a sigh of relief as I slipped it back into the murky depths , we drifted down that bank and the fish finder found a massive concentration of fish although they could have been anything it was worth putting the anchor down and covering them as there would bound to be predators lurking around them but despite our best efforts we couldn’t catch , as it was near to finish time we decided to troll (purists look away now) a couple of big frankin flies around to the dock in hope of a bonus fish .

Along one of these banks we came across jj throwing fluff so as we levelled with him we slowed the electric down to 1 and asked how he was doing

me – how you doin

jj – had 5 biggest 15lb

me – outstanding what flies were they taking

jj - the one you gave me this morning

me – F@@K

JJ – what did you say it was made from

me – I didnt

no im not bitter im glad somebody did ok and chuffed actually that the fried alive did the damage again but still bloody hard going , there was a few trout anglers out also today and they didn’t do anything either so wasn’t just us I suppose it was a case of all the flies and no idea today and let me tell you I threw some strange looking beasts today including my new dead weird tube fly that’s a cross between an intruder and a baitfish (more on that later)

a fish

actually the barbarian is quite an accomplished angler as this picture of the “ lady of the stream” shows and some of the flies he makes for these are quite works of art ill be raiding his box when we go trouting , although we are pretty much coming to the end of the season for a lot of things but ill still be getting out after anything I can as long as there’s no ice on the water we do however have a whole heap of very cool stuff to look forward to next year and for me a couple of the main ones are chasing dorado in the med and finally getting back out to the states for some serious top water fish porn .

But my next major trip will be the long trip south to take part in the piketrek predator cup on frisby lakes October 20th this is going to be a cracker of an event and I know will throw up quite a few surprises on the fly how do I know that , well I used to have a season ticket for the place so im well aware of what lurks in its depths and the species that will take a fly , get on over to the piketrek site and book your place .

So with that im going to leave you with another of the barbarians brilliant photos which I call falling in love is crap

till next time


(a cave in Scotland)

Friday 14 September 2012

2 metal heads and a bad case of wind



the scene was set me and conan had decided to hit the water today (Friday) the plan was a great one we were going to try and do the grand slam on my local water 3 species that lurk in the depths pike , perch , and trout . Now you may think oh that’s easy well actually ive never had a perch in there yet and I get a trout maybe 1 trip in 4 so actually quite a good challenge , but it wasn’t to stop there , what we had planned was to go hit a saltwater mark on the same day for bass, mackerel , and sea trout that is a challenge as conan hasn’t fished the salt before so today was the day everything was good flies were tied the tides for the saltwater section of the challenge were perfect with an 8pm high tide which meant we could complete the first fresh water part by 4pm be back at my house for something to eat then be casting into the salt by 6pm and hopefully done by 10pm .

Until things started to unravel yesterday the wind was howling really blowing chunks now what this means for the saltwater part is that the spot I go to is quite shallow so when you get a blow it stirs up the sand and mud bottom and colours the water which really kills the fly fishing on that spot , so not to worry we still had the grand slam freshwater to do , so I duly got at 6am for a 7 pick up stuck the kettle on then I got a text from conan saying he didn’t get in till 2.30am and would I mind delaying the trip till later today , far from me to stand in the way of a fine rock n roll gig so im hoping his hangover will have gone by lunchtime and we can still get out ahhhhh to be young again ….....
the flies
ok so down to the flies .well what I wanted was a fly that would do the job for all 3 freshwater and saltwater species a tough call well not really I decided to go down the clouser minnow route as I know these catch fish all I had to do was get the size right for all the species so I tied them all on no1 and no 2 hooks in the best colours for all the species green/yellow – white – and olive/white and all around 1.5 to 2 inchs long these will catch fish wherever you are and I think these are right for the job.

So eventually I got the phone call from his hungoverness saying he was on his way and would be with me in 20 mins and to his credit he was there 20 mins later so we loaded up the car and set off

so tooled up with a small clouser type minnow I was actually quite confident as we headed to my sweet spots of actually doing the grand slam , so it was with great excitement that I cast the first line of the day then I cast another line then another then I changed fly and changed spot all to no avail I had one crazy rainbow trout on for about 4 seconds but that was it despite throwing around my sexiest of loops it just wasn’t happening today even conan didn’t get a hit …....

but hell thats fishing makes life interesting and at least I was out getting some wet , so what was the problem well to be honest it was blowing chunks on the loch and there was a monster low pressure over the south of scotland and I think they were just sitting on the bottom and refusing to play ball , ive had this before when a big low pressure has moved in and it can be really hard work so with heavy heart we called it a day just before dark and thoughts of a slam but back in the box for another day .
Conan looks for the number of a local golf club
so onto other things and ill put that trip down to experience , Im going to post this mail I got from the lads at piketrek
Dear dave,
We are writing to tell you about the Piketrek Predator Cup, a fly-only predator fishing competition to be held on the 20th of October 2012.
This event is to be fished at Celtic Lakes Resort, at Frisby-on-the-Wreake near Melton Mowbray in North Leicestershire. This is a terrific venue that holds large numbers of predators, with pike to high twenties, perch to four pounds plus, big chub, and zander to high teens so we are expecting some real surprises to turn up! It is also a water that is a real pleasure to fish with lots of casting room and plenty of good-looking areas that hold fish.
Proceeds from the event are to be donated to charity so your participation is of the utmost importance as our target is to raise as much money as we can to help those less fortunate than ourselves.
Entry is open to everyone and anyone, all we ask is that you take the time to help us out and come along to enjoy a day out with like-minded people who all fish for predators on the fly.
There are three main prizes to be won for the lucky anglers who catch the most fish, and there will also be an extra prize and cup for the biggest pike captured on the day. We will also be holding a raffle with lots of goodies up for grabs as prizes, so there will be a great chance of everyone taking something home with them.
Applications for entry are limited and will only be available from our website at where the full details of the contest are displayed on the "competition page". Entry is priced at only £20.00 per contestant which is not much more than the price of a day-ticket on this fantastic venue, so please come along and help to support our efforts and those of our various sponsors in providing a great day out for all.
We look forward to seeing you!
The Piketrek Team

here is the page for all the details on what I belive is going to be the premium predator fly fishing event in this country for a fantastic cause

on catching a new personal best largemouth bass from the lake champlain region caught on a hook eye and fly hook (I believe it was an esox 2) stunning fish buddy well deserved to one of the hardest working fly fishers I know

so thats pretty much it for this time and well although the fishing was garbage I managed to sneak in a fly tying lesson with conan , who I may add really dosnt need one his trout flies are absolutely stunning (although he would disagree) so here is a very very very rare picture of conan in my cave usually I never let anybody else in the cave but I made an exception with conan as I really couldn’t be arsed bring all my tying stuff through to the living room , conan however didn’t mind at all and to be honest he tied up a fantastic looking fly .

see ya soon
(a cave in scotland)

Sunday 2 September 2012

small is beautifull

I was all ready to go on Friday morning , the alarm clock was set for 4 am the gear was packed and I was ready for a great day on the water in great company , the alarm went off at 4am and rather than spring out of bed I found myself feeling absolutely garbage breaking out in hot and cold sweats coughing and feeling really like crap so with heavy heart I had to phone fishing partner conan and cancel the day , sometimes the best laid plans get side lines by a virus what can you do about it.

So it took me the rest of the day and a long sleep to throw the thing but I was feeling ok by the evening although a bit drained so with the Friday out of the window and me working in my other job over the weekend I had pretty much no time at the vice until today (Monday)

over the past years ive come to realise that sometimes pike don’t want big flies they want small stuff , so with that in mind ive been busily tying up some small couple of inches long flies for the purpose of fishing my local venue and venues further afield what I wanted was something small and minnow / stickleback like something that not only pike would eat but other predatory species would eat , so pretty much an all round fly if such a thing could be made , well I reckon im pretty close with this baby

of course me being me I had to make up a few variations and this features the same materials but ive just added a hard eye , the reason for this is quite simple it actually adds weight over a normal 3d eye and by adding the weight your changing the action of the fly in the water , I like to use weighted eyes over deeper water as it means I can explore all the water levels and of course by using a strip and pause technique you really do make these flys come alive ,

so here you have it one of my small fly patterns box or as I like to call it my perch box and ive stocked the top with my new fryed food flies oh in case your interested the pattern itself is just ep fibre with some ep sparkle in the mix and tied on deercreeks dia riki 2/0 hooks these hooks are lovley and a great price and let me tell you they are just as good as the tiemcos out there


we have now launched the esox 2 streamer hook over on the hookeye and fly website similar to our esox one except this has a smaller hook gape , we have a special launch offer on just now if you buy a pack we will give you a pack completely free of charge thats a bargain folks anyway check out the offer and the site here
more flies heading out the door

if your on facebook and lets face it who isnt these days then friend me up (search for pike flies) as I do often have bargain packs of flies that I sell cheap as I make room on my tying boards so if you want to grab a bargain now and again check it out , ive also got millions of fly pictures on there as well as loads of cool fly anglers and fly tiers a great resource for the fly fisherman .
My flies in stores

I don’t mass tie flies I tend to support local business with limited amounts of flies which I tie myself so the quality is always first class because I have tied it and I also only supply 1 shop in one country so im absolutely delighted to say that in Ireland you can now buy my flies exclusively through inniscarra lake fishery shop , at the momment there on facebook check em out here
oh and if your over that way its a dam fine pike fishery as well

And so to fishing

the rearranged cancelled fishing date with conan came round this week and we got to the venue before dawn to be greeted with rain well it was due to stop soon so we just sat in the car and looked at flies for an hour till it stopped then broke out the weapons and we were off

although it dosnt look like it our usual hotspot was proving a little hard to deal with as there was a hell of a wind blowing straight into the bay which made casting subbugs a bit life threatening so we upped and moved to a spot that ive had a few before in around 8ft of water over weed and a rocky bottom which as we all know is a great ambush point for pike any kind of feature is worth taking a look at

and I didnt have to wait long before a lively jack took a liking for my new fryed alive flies in fact the fish pretty much were all over this fly today which is always good when your testing a new pattern


indeed the fish were wanting this little pattern , the fish here tend to go for small patterns over the big massive flies probably because they gorge themselves on sticklebacks which maybe why this fly was so hot this day

even the lochs population of rainbow trout were up for it , again proving that a smaller predator fly opens up a lot more species in fact this fly would catch pretty much anything that swims in this place , and to be honest its always fun having a lively rainbow on the end of your line

the thing I really like about fishing with conan is hes pretty much up for trying anything so when I said “do you fancy trying a murdich minnow2 he was like yup and on it went for a cast , we had moved spots by this point and were fishing slightly deeper water so I thought one of these minnows would do the job and yup bang first cast he had a fish on , dont know why more people don’t use this fly in this country its a real killer pattern and on its day can out fish any other pattern going and such an easy fly to make as well (mmmmmm video on the way)

boat partner conan absolutely delighted , not because he caught a new personnel best pike at 9lb today but because he got his very own subbug to keep forever
super big bags of gliss and glint plus

now the lads at deercreek have been busy in the lab and are now producing big bags of there very popular material gliss and glint plus now not only is that great news for the person who ties loads of flies as there’s more to play with but if your tying musky flies then your going to be able to tie some monster big flies with this and you know its only £3.89 a bag now that’s seriously good value for money folks and also from the deercreek stable some absolutely stunning new colours check this out featuring new colours from the gliss and glint plus stable check out the website for new colours in the range

if your interested in purchasing any of my flies you can find them at the following stockists

see ya soon


(a cave in scotland)