Wednesday 29 November 2017

merry Christmas folks and other fly tying stories


 well December is here and im sitting wondering where the year has actually gone , although its not been particularly busy for me fishing wise in fact the highlight for me was probably the big twaite shad i caught on my doorstep that really was up there with the fish of a lifetime but it has got me completely rethinking what is on my doorstep and how i can target them ,indeed a wakeup call 

other people however have been catching a lots on my flies especially doe at the blagdon event so that was nice to see .

be playing lately with the dragon tails from deercreek so ive done a couple of videos on tying and how they look in the water .

how they look in the water 

ok so next i wanted to do a tying video so i asked on my facebook page what people wanted to see done and an articulated fly came tops so this is the video i done for it and i used a drgon tail just for fun , again theres many ways of making articulated flies this is a way that works for me and fairly simple to do . 

so here is the video 

also i have been asked a few times to do a video on my end gear i.e from the flyline loop to the fly so i was happy also to do this , again i must stress that everybody is different and have different set ups that works for them , this is what i have used for many many years and hasn't let me down  .so please enjoy the video and if you pick something up from it then great if you dont then that fine , but as i said works for me please enjoy.

so this is just a brief update and reports of my premature death have been greatly exaggerated , i do plan on doing a few new videos which will see me going from vice to bank and this will hopefully get going fairly soon now ive worked out how to use my video software  :-)  

hopefully ill get a wee post before Christmas on flies ive been doing in the past few months and some new bits and bobs i have coming out .

tight lines folks 
(a cave in scotland)