Thursday 17 April 2014

here we go again pro team on the road

ok so whats been going on well 1st up we the pro team was up at active angling centers open day doing some demos , myself doing pike flies with gliss and glint plus , the destroyer was doing loch style flies with diamond uv , and man baby scott kane was doing gypsy magic flies

heres a few pics of the day 

doing what i love doing yup i dont do this for fame , for money , or to become a name i do this because i love to do it and pass on the knowledge for future generations of predator fly anglers im just a guy who ties flies .........

my self and scott on the first day did a hellva lot off demos for deercreeks diamond hard uv
and the one thing that struck me was the amount of people who came with the same problem with another uv manufacturer , the stuff was tacky end off and these folks were having to put varnish over the top , excuse me what is the point of that , now i really dont care what you use but after our demos a lot of people were converted on the spot , and when conan joined us on the second day and was demonstrating it well lets just say a lot of people were buying it .............tack free uv well you know where to go

preparing scott (adult baby) kanes chair for the days tying  

the garfield fly went down very well 

getting down to it lost count of the flies i made over the 2 days 

scott was a hit with his strange headware as always , and he had a steady stream of people watching his demos which was good as a lot of the people hadnt seen really big flies being made so it was great to chat to non predator anglers who did actually take a great interest in what i was doing and keen to listen to why pike fly fishing is so good 

sunday and the doors were open and again we had a steady stream of folks through and it was good to see that people kept coming back to see what we were up to so we had multiple chances to demo the uv and materials  

the yellow and new black gliss and glint plus was massively popular and to be honest its always a good combo colour for scottish lochs 

tower of power 

i spent an hour with this chap explaining the builds on the flys and why i tie the way i tie , turns out he was an employee and was just seeing if we wanted a cuppa ...........

the end of a great weekend theres simply no team like the pro team 

have to say it was a fantastic weekend for the deercreek team and the materials we use , i cant thank enough owner chris and his dad  and staff for making us so welcome and it is such a great shop with really friendly staff so if your going past stirling on the way to the trossochs then pop in and say hello

enjoing smoked trout tasted absolutely amazing  i had to grab the plate before the destroyer ate it all

new video alert
ok so i had a massive amount of interest on custom blending gliss and glint plus and was asked by a few people if id do a video on mixing it so here you go enjoy your imagination is your only limit  

we have 4 days of deercreek pro team fish in covering pike and trout on rivers and lochs so stay tuned for the madness 

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dave mcfluffchucker 
(a cave in scotland)