Sunday 21 August 2022

adventures of a an obsessed predator fly tier


 back in the cave and a quick blog , this will pretty much be picture heavy and just an update on what's going on now that the world is opening up after the lockdowns (unless your a tory then there wasn't a lockdown as they count themselves as far superior to us peasants)

so ive been mega busy with fly tying  and keeping up with orders and speaking of orders let me say again thar the website at the moment has a lead time of around 2 weeks , this means your order will be dispatched either before or at the end of that cut off date , please remember that i hand make every fly nothing is imported from Africa and please people avoid African made predator flies they simply get destroyed  and the hooks bend out , this i know as i have many clients with the same issue who come to me for this reason , buy local folks plenty of great guys out there .


so yea its minnow time i really enjoy tying these and they fish great 

thundercreeks are available through me or the website link at the bottom of the page 

fried alives continue to catch all species and all sizes quite a remarkable fly pattern and the amount of fish this fly actually catches is mad especially when there on the fry patterns 

talking of fly patterns i have a couple of new designs out the mczigbug and the warhead , the mczigbug has been designed for mostly carp on the surface and has been destroying venues across the uk , and the warhead has excided exceptions with some unbelievable catches including bloody catfish who would have thought that 


the warhead patterns are available on the website here is the link 

need further proof well take a look at the video below of some recent catches on warheads and zigbugs

the warhead is breaking down some fisheries and im hearing that one fishery has actually banned its use because its so deadly and catching so many fish nobody else is standing a chance , but hey you know that aint my call , all i know is the gent was using it on a waggler and having to take 2 keepnets fishing with him lol well done fella .

so on that point did you know you can actually use these on coarse gear oh yea , just float fish em either tot them on a waggler and hold back every now and again to raise in the current , deadly for chub or with the zigs just chuck em out with a weight and have them on a fluro dropper so the float above the bottom or weed , job done .

ok so mid sept ill be heading off on a predator hunt in norfolk for a week , most of this will be filmed so really looking forward to that , if your ordering from the website please do so before the end of the second week of sept ill notify on social media when im back ....thanks all


remember if your out fishing put your catches back and take your rubbish home 

see ya all soon 


(rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated)

a cave in scotland  

Monday 4 April 2022



well you don't need to tell me its been a totally weird couple of years what with the rona and everything , i haven't been sitting on my arse doing nothing , far from it life has led me down a path as a full time predator fly tier due to having to give up my support work (which i loved despite the hours and awful uncaring management)  due to the arthritis in my knee which has also stopped a few fishing trips but i have learned to live with it and adjust to it so im over the blip now and have some focus but cant believe so much time has passed , but im still here still good and still spelling badly :-) 

so what been going down , well actually quite a lot fly have just been going nuts , mainly down to folks catching a shed load of fish here is an example below is gaz , he's a massive fan of robert the roach and a hellava angler  

so gaz is a massive fan of robert the roach and he recently messaged me this tally of fish he has had on it 
1- close to a thousand pike under 20lbs
2- 23 pike over 20lbs 

this is just one person and ive sold literately thousands of the things so you can imagine how many fish it has actually caught , Jesus that is actually the most productive fly ive ever made , predators actually can get enough of it 

massive thanks to gaz for the pictures and stats , appreciated

what is it about robert the roach 

well firstly its not just flash on a hook i actually blend a few different types of flash to create the robert blend and then well mostly red eyes but i have mixed it up latley with different eye colours and the like and indeed he has evolved into a few different things i,e jigs , sport editions , circle hooks etc but im merely giving clients what they request  so all good and continues to slay em .

some great video is also coming out via eu angler over on youtube , hes also a big robert fan , please consider heading over to his channel and giving him a subscribe , he does some great content 

here he is unboxing some of my flies 

and here he is on the pike 

so what else is happening, well fishing wise i get out as and when i can and as tying lets me , im forever busy and usually i work till 9pm , mabey i should just not sleep hahahahah 

anyway life in the cave continues and i have found a way to upload faster to youtube so I've put a couple of tying videos up if you wish to check them out and hopefully ill get some new stuff up shortly as i can upload while i work , heres the last one i did as an experiment 


well i have a new youtube channel going to be going live shortly which will only be about fishing adventures and will heavily feature myself and woodfish and his carp on the fly adventures there will be catches and instructional videos on his rigs and fly's and the techniques involved  and some fishing videos from me also ill put up a link for the channel next blog but there will be lots of this

 see ya all soon 
(a cave in scotland)