Sunday 5 June 2016

and were back .........thank goodness


hey ho readers its been a few months since i updated , well moved house and had lots to do and with intermittent internet access proved that blogging was going to take a back seat and well also id not been up to much tying or fishing wise but did manage a sneaky day with the redneck lure fishing scotland boys and that days adventures and madness will wait till my next post as ill need to check if im breaking some laws when talking about my fellow club members antics  

was great to get out though, even though an easterly was blowing making it some what hard conditions 

i did manage to catch on my pimped thundercreeks though , but more about that next post 

rocking with some new product from deercreek 

was so nice to receive a care package from nick over at  

again these eyes are absolutely the best on the market they have always been at the forefront of eye technology 

just check the sexy frog eyes 

the chartreuse eyes have always been a standard on a lot of my baitfish patterns both in the smaller size and larger sizes 

these are a new design at the bottom "zombie eyes" and as of yet ive not used them on a fly but i have a few ideas that im going to try this week 

if you wish to purchase the eyes from deer creek here is the link 

now got to say there eyes are superbly priced dont be fooled by other cheap crap from this country 

now i get really excited 

jungle cock as we know has always been a preserve of the salmon fly tier and has always been so bloody expensive and have mostly been used in flies like this 

bloody beautiful and the old jungle cock sitting there at the front no doubt a fly like this would cost you the best part of a tenner and worth every penny 

now i started to mess around with jungle cock for pike and saltwater flies early last year and i tinkered around with a few patterns and before i moved house i played a bit more 

q outrage from the tweed set salmon anglers ha , well these were some hairline artificial jungle cock and i loved the whole look and feel of these flies  

and they were indeed very striking and gave the fly that whole confidence thing because it looks good you feel confident in using it so i was impressed with the whole design.  

then i got these in the post 

omfg mr deercreek these are really one step beyond and sexy as fook luckilly i have 2 days off this week and i have some plans for these , in the meantime ill leave you with some pictures of these stunning creations from the lab in wales (what do they drink down there) if you cant wait and wish to purchase right now heres the link 

so stuff to do and back to work tommorow , so until my next post 

tye hard , fish hard , rock hard , and drink your whisky neat 

 a cave in scotland