Sunday 25 November 2018

a couple of videos

been working quite a lot of 12 hour shifts so not managed to do pt 3 of my vt trip yet but its in the making just now 

i have however managed to do a couple of tying reviews the first is using pike skinz and pike skins dubbing brushes from jerkbaitmania ill be doing a follow up video using some pretty cool new hybrid brushes from jerkbaitmania so watch out for that one pretty hot stuff .


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please go have a look at jerkbaitmanias website as they have some pretty cool stuff for the predator fly tier 

the second tying review was using dyckers soft fibers which are similar to ep but a bit cheaper and i really enjoyed using this over ep , good value packs as well 


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as always review videos and step by steps will be on the review / step by step pages at the top of the blog 

(a cave in scotland)