Sunday 23 March 2014

british fly fair part 2

Unleashing the animals 

  So to part two of this epic adventure, we arrived at the bffi on the Friday night and helped the boss set the stall up , I swear it would have been easier to train monkeys to do it but hey that’s the pro team for you and I think we all had our eyes on the forthcoming all you can eat Chinese buffet followed by hotel room whisky drinking and then the pub which is next door to the hotel so not so far to stagger

We have arrived and we rock sweet and sour chunks
 Always a favourite the Chinese all you can eat buffet and they are always so pleased to see us leave this is actually quite a rare photo and something you wont see to often and that’s the destroyer with his mouth closed and no food in his hand, me well to be honest im a big believer in value for money so I stuff as much down as is humanly possible
And so to the pub well this is pretty much the only  picture I could post with fellow pro bro awesome salmon fly tier and feckin top all round bloke andy scott who I had the honour to share a pint and a fly tying table with did I say just one pint hmmmmmm anyway much laughs had

So the morning after the night before and luckily id got all my stuff sorted out the night before as having done the bffi the year before I knew that I pretty much had to roll out of bed and fall in the shower before breakfast and then out the door and of course I had to be in the toilet 1st thing before the destroyer got in there as if he got in there first the thing would be out of action for at least 2 hours 

Despite a terrible hangover I am always able to focus on tying you kinda get into the zone and start wooping them out and I was certainly in the zone this year with synthetics and naturals firmly on the agenda and there was a massive amount of interest in what I was doing which is always a good thing with the predator flies and every year I see it becoming a more accepted method among the game fishing community and I always get a lot of questions about pike fly fishing in general  

We had quite a few of the pro team here and above is the wonderfully talented mr chris rawle chris also does a mean line in seatrout flies and his flies on display had a great deal of interest I also have to thank chris for the wonderful guided tour around Staffordshire on the Sunday morning in his well comfy car well actually all the roads were closed due to a wide load on the road (nicks wallet probably) and we were diverted all over the place 

The Harvey angling chaps were across from me and really nice blokes to talk too and there stall looked like a shop all very professional and there fly tying guy (sorry name escapes me) had like a podium type thing that he tied on, lights and everything very cool 

Dude don’t look but that blonde chick with the big boobs and the “I love mcfluffchucker t.shirt ) is taking her t,shirt off 

We rocked, we rolled, we tied loads of flies we drunk lots of whisky and made stupid faces


 Let me tell you one thing Marcus hoffman is a legend and I cannot believe any human being can drink as much Guinness as this man and stay standing up if you had shares you’d be quid’s in that weekend 

Markus was without doubt the star of the show the mans flies are probably some of the most amazing youll ever see check out his website here you’ll be amazed I find myself very privileged to actually own one in a jar 

Always great to see uncle dai and again his flies were uber popular, dai is a regular face at the bffi and always a great laugh and always popular with his demos never a dull moment with dai around dai if you didn’t know does some amazing seatrout patterns if you fish for them you should have a few of dais in your box heres his blog

Scott kane

No sorry you have me mixed up with somebody who looks like me I have never been trussed up in leather straps and hung from a ceiling and been dipped in chicken fat for the amusement of rich gay men please go away quickly

This was about the only sighting I had of niklas at the show amazing flies though 

Scott kane is always busy and popular at the bffi with his own brand of Clyde style flies and dodgy headwear you can check his blog out here 

I told that other bloke its not me on that website 

Always great to see Dominic garret his book fly fishing for coarse fish is pretty much the bible of fly fishing for anything other than trout you really should buy his book its bloody fantastic I really hope he had a good show I must buy one of those fluffy pike next year  

My ties at the show were all gliss and glint patterns and the material proved very popular, the thing is you really can’t show on a simple picture how awesome this material looks  when the light hits it at various angles so it was a real boast to show folks not only what it does but what you can do with it and the tying sessions were very popular again if you haven’t got any yet then get on over to and pick a pack up you wont be disappointed 

The boss seeing how far he can get his fingers up his nose

The hoff tying

Marcus was a popular attraction over the whole weekend I found myself mesmerized a few times watching him tie  

 Markus with his lifelike andy scott doll

Andy scott may or may not be familiar to you a very valued member of the deercreek team and awesome salmon fly tier and the shocking thing is he actually makes thousands of flies for the kola peninsula in Russia and his flies take many a fine fish out there I was fascinated watching him he really made it look easy

 Getting up close with andy picking up some 

Always great to see dave Hilton and the bass boys and girl im fascinated by this fish and find myself forever looking at more places to fish for them , b.a.s.s have a really good club and the information they provide can be invaluable in the search for these predators of the sea there club costs 20.00 uk a year to join  well worth the money ……..but always good to speak to and have a laugh with dave

Meeting the blog readers

One thing I absolutely love is to meet with blog readers above is andy a regular reader of my drivel and was interested in seeing a gliss and glint tied so I duly obliged and had a chat with him while I was showing his a pattern and I gave him the fly at the end which I don’t think he was expecting , but it was really nice to be stopped by people as I had a look round and have a chat and to know that people actually do enjoy what you do makes it all worth while so great to meet you andy and hopefully see you next year

The animals

Left to right
Dave mcfluffchucker , Scott Kane , Marcus Hoffman , Andy Saunders , Conan fyvie , Andy Scott

And of course I have to say a massive humbled thank you to nick and jen from deercreek for bringing us all together the deercreek team is like a big family and one we are all very proud to be in and there is a lot of Stuff and banter happens on our private forum that makes us tick and makes us as a team stand head and shoulders above others

Deercreek thinking beyond the box

(a cave in Scotland)

Friday 14 March 2014

a touch of madness

The law according to fluff
Heads up a few patterns while I compile the next chapter of the bffi road trip well I need to speak to my lawyers first to see what the morality laws say in this country about antics in burger king on the M6, so in the meantime here’s a little filler as I had the destroyer round yesterday eating my food dumping in a corner and tying some darn nice looking flies honestly the dudes a swamp dweller
So to business, as you know I champion deer creeks gliss and glint plus material simply because its bloody brilliant in the water and five caught a ton of greens on it so im forever looking at new ways to use it so heres a few I did on our tying day

Hook – 4/0
Thread – phantom thread
Tail / body –gliss n glint plus yellow
Flash – gold angel hair over the gliss and glint plus
Head – northern bucktail (orvis)
Eye – 8mm 3d roachie gator eye

Hook – 4/0
Thread – phantom thread
Tail / body –gliss n glint plus lemon sherbert
Flash – 9 strands of peacock herl over the gliss and glint plus
Head – northern bucktail (orvis)
Eye – 8mm 3d ctthroat gator eye

Hook – 4/0
Thread – phantom thread
Tail / body –generic purple synthetic fiber  
Flash – peacock herl over the synthetic fiber
Head – northern bucktail (orvis)
Eye – 8mm 3d CHROME 3D EYEZ gator eye

So there ya go mixing it up a bit but I aint stopping there I have loads more in mind and with the new shade of black gliss n glint plus coming out from deercreek im really excited as black was a killer for me last year if you want to see me tying with the new shades ill be doing my stuff at the Stirling angling centre see the bottom of this blogpost for details and attractions

Gliss n plus fried alive
Hook – 2/0 dai reki (deercreek)
Thread – phantom thread
Tail / body –minnow back gliss n glint plus   
Flash – red angel hair gill flash
Eye – 8mm (discontinued)

Hook – 2/0 dai reki (deercreek)
Thread – phantom thread
Tail / body –ep fibre (olive)  
Flash – red angel hair gill flash
Eye – 8mm (discontinued)
Small stuff

Ok so there times when small stuff will out fish big flies , especially when the preds are fixated with sticklebacks , minnows or fry , these also really do well with larger trout as well , it kinda funny that not a massive amount of trout guys use bigger flies for trout , well there missing out or they may just be purists but whatever give smaller ones a try and bucktail is great for smaller baitfish patterns

So hope that keeps you entertained for the next week while I go through the photos for part 2 of the bffi (yea it was messy) so lovers fighters madmen greeks , scots ,dutch ,german, finish,Europeans, americans, Canadians , Australians , chinamen in fact wherever you visit from I appreciate every single hit ……thank you folks and if your around check on in and say hello and have a chat or watch me tie up some pike food

The Angling Active Open Weekend 2014 will take place on Saturday the 5th and Sunday the 6th of April at our 7000 square foot showroom by the river Teith in Stirling scotland.

This date has been chosen to compliment the opening of the 2014 Scottish fishing season. Our Open Weekend is regarded by many as the perfect opportunity to stock up the essential tackle needed to make the most of the forthcoming season. Having spent the first few months of the year getting to know 2014′s newest products, our team will be on hand to offer their opinion of the latest gear and let you get your hands on the items.

Key attractions this year include the return of our popular “Discount Prize Draw” where each customer will receive a lucky discount voucher, entitling the bearer to a discount off their purchases on that day. The generous discounts will mostly range from 10% to 20% although one lucky customer will receive a lucky ticket worth a massive 50% OFF.

As usual we will have a range of experts from across the sport available over the weekend, willing to give out their time and advice free of charge as well as the opportunity to “Try before You Buy” some of the latest tackle at our exclusive casting area on the banks of the River Teith.

Throughout the weekend you can witness fly tying demonstrations from some of the best in the game, giving you the chance to discuss the latest techniques and materials with those in the know. Our demonstrations will on at various times throughout the weekend from experts such as Euan Miller (competition Trout), Alex Wilkie (Trout and Pike), Barry Duffy (Salmon), Andrew McAdam (modern Trout), Scott Kane (Clyde Style), and Dave Lindsay (Pike)  

(a cave in scotland)