Monday 24 August 2020

is there anybody out there

 the classic pink Floyd lyric indeed is there anybody out there in these crazy times , i may well ask strange times we are going through . 

i am currently sitting here wondering what the hell to write having been pretty much inactive on the fishing front due to my knee injury but having said that i have made it out a couple of times to a kinda localish trout water called loganlea in the quest for my first ever tiger trout , just to tick of the list .

now fishing for trout aint really high up on my spectrum of things i enjoy but i do enjoy some fisheries that are well lets say a touch on the wild , loganlea is one of these , although yes is stocked with hard fighting fish it sits in a beautiful valley and just does not have the feel of a stocked trout muddy puddle that are oh so the rage , but hey if you want to fish those then sure you do what you enjoy i just prefer a bit more wild .

so my buddy craig picked me up in his diesel guzzling tank (a range rover)    and we headed into the pentland hills just south of old edinburgh town and to be honest i was very much just looking forward to getting out and throwing some fluff.

just a few pics of the day as it ended up as per usual peeing it down which is kinda par the course with craig , even last week i went out to my local with him in bright sunshine and the moment i go out the tank it started to rain , i swear the weather gods look down and say oh look theirs craig ....splosh 

so we ended up out on a boat and to be honest that wernt great , my knee was playing up i was uncomfortable rowing so we ended up deciding to try the bottom end where the dam wall is as i thought all the natural food would be heading down that way with the wind 

despite my best efforts a million different fly's , grubs , nymphs and various lines it just was not happening so i sat and took my rod down and chewed on a biscuit , the very second i chowed down on the chocolate covered cardboard healthy snack , a bloody great tiger trout came out the water literally 20 feet in  front of me , ok this means war you know i broke out the rod again and this time decided to go for a flashy bait fish patterns 
(flashy baitfish oh no you need a size 20 admas cry the oldschool tweed set)

oh no you dont , trust me trout dont get really big by eating size 20 adams oh no , so on it went and i flogged the water to a foam but nope that was it ,id had enough of the fish so the promise of a hot shower and a beer was too much , we boared the tank and headed back to civilisation .

if youd like to know more about loganlea here is the link 

and have to give a big shout out to karen at the fishery really goes out of her way to help anglers out .

we shall be returning soon and i have unfinished buisness there 

so i may not have been fishing much but others have and here is the very cool eu angler doing some damage with my flies , now has to be said he actually bought these from my ebay reseller and these were not freebies at all  i have since sent him a couple of free flies to try , simply because i really like his style of filming and his channel so take a look at the videos below and please give them a like or a subscribe . top bloke 

so look forward to seeing some more of his videos and remember go and subscribe 

i have been very busy in the cave of late which has been good for the mind and have done a fair amount of new patterns for the website and my ebay reseller , tube flies have been high on the list and are a lot off to make and fish , if your not sure of rigging for pike ill do a video at some point but you could always google it , tube flies are great when fish are nipping at the tails of flies give em a try  

i have loads of different patterns to suit all kinds of fishing or species , the great thing with tube flies is that you can dictate your own hook size or favourite brand  or what suits the particular day and for saltwater anglers they are fantastic as you dont have to retire flies due to corroded hooks or worry about losing expensive stainless saltwater hooks 

i am at the moment building up a grab and go box of tube flies that hopefully ill be able to demonstrate in the very near future  

in the meantime if you want to check out some patterns please take a look at my website here

more tubes will be added as i tye them 

so i want to take the opportunity to chat about circle hook flies because they are still seen as a bit of an oddity in this country  although opinions are starting to change , ive actully sent euangler 3 flies on circles to try so hopefully if he gets time he will do a video soon .

i think the thing is as anglers we have developed overtime a sixth sense on when to strike when a fish hits so to actually not strike is a very hard thing to do , but that is the key just point your rod at your fly as you retrieve  and when you get a hit just lock down your hand between flyline and rod and the fish will hook itself , i know i might be going over old ground here as ive disused this before but if you want to try it out here is some more info

and here are a few of my patterns on circles

the circles i tye are on supersharp hooks and the is actually very little material between the hookpoint and the hook shaft so nothing to impead the hooking .

i actually know a chap who wont use them because he cant fit them in his super duper fly box , but they actually sit very nicely in either slotted boxes or just lure boxes , and of course the other awesome thing with circles is you hook fish 99.9% of the time right in the scissors , which makes for great and fast unhooking 
my cave has been really busy since i last posted which was  the 5th of may , the reason is fairly simple besides lots of non fishing to report on although i did mange a quick hour on the lrf stuff  across the road 

actually very thankful to this little guy the conditions were not the best a massive influx of cold fresh water into the dock system kinda killed it to the point my buddy craig was trying to see how close he could get casting one hand to the back of an oil support vessel , yup very quite 

so of course the other thing is ive been working a lot on the website for my flies , this does take a lot of man hours and to be honest due to my pain relief i can really only get going in the afternoon as morning times im like a zombie , so i have to edit and place product onto my site hooks sizes , lengths etc and basically make the whole shopping experience easier for customers and of course i have my ebay reseller as well so they need stocked up and of course i supply stores as well so that all takes time . so if you add that to trying to do youtube content and blog and designing new patterns  and actually get out and fish   well time gets to be a bit of premium but hey its what i do .

so what have i been tying lately well heres a load of pictures for you to gaze at , if you click on one it will enlarge it happy viewing 
so in the absence of me fishing other folks have been doing rather well heres a selection of recent catches from clients on my flies 

yea they work 

so ok hopefully by the next blog ill have some more fishing stuff to chat about providing the world is still here and we haven't been hit by an astrid , caught the plauge , abducted by aliens or been taken over by bigfoot (bigfoot is real folks) 

take care all and be safe 
(a cave in scotland )