Thursday 26 January 2012

a video protest

i hope one particular german blog reader is pleased with these results

(Here is just a few I’ve received since yesterday)
I have left names off
HI Just read your blog, you don’t need to worry about arseholes that can.t match your work or commitment to tying.
A lot of anglers look forward to reading your reports on new materials and also your video’s
I would love to have a day’s fishing with you sometime
Keep up the excellent work
I think we should send Mr Ferret a wild angry mountain cat. Will see his key board anger turn to utter fear when that cat rip’s his face off bro. WELL PUT and to all those other web warriors kiss my pike.......... I mean ass. Much love brother............
Dave, Your blog, tying sites and YouTube videos are the best source of pike fly fishing ideas and instruction I've come across. I caught my first fly caught pike last year on one of your Green Tool flies bought from Deercreek on my new Pikesaber recommended by you. Don't let the idiots get you down and keep on doing what you do. I'm sure there's a lot of us out here improving our fishing directly from following your sites. All the best, John
Well...couldn't have put it better myself! Well said bro. Got the same problem egomaniacal control freak website host wouldn't let me post on HIS most acclaimed STRIPERS forums because my blog had ads in it... "Keyboard Warriors", as you so politely named them, and "Web Nazis" are the worst...little people that can fight their insecurities and personal problems from behind a pomputer screen. Great flies, by the way. Been fishing for pikes back home(Northern Italy )in the 80's and it was only me and a couple other guys then and everybody thought we were crazy or stupid; Imagine having the resources we have today! Keep up the great job. Thank you.
Dave, you're the man!! Absolutely right!!! Totally agree with you!! Best regards from Portugal!
Nicely said.

the end

Wednesday 25 January 2012

for one last time


You know there always some idiot out there who likes to shoot his mouth off without getting the facts straight or even having the decency to mail me and ask me about something before they start there verbal vomit so I’m going to set this to paper once again for the last time .

Nick over at the company sends me new materials to try out and write about (pretty much like any review you would read in a fishing magazine) so I use the product whatever it is and I’ll write about it , now in my book that’s trying something and writing about it weather you like it or not , in fact I was sent some material a couple of weeks ago “breamer streamer” gliss and glint plus I loved it I wrote about it I used all the material and I sent all the flies back to nick art the site , now he puts these limited edition flies on his site for people to purchase and I can just inform you now I do not accept one penny for those flies that includes my time making them , the hooks I use, the post and package cost no not one penny neither do I want anything for them , nick will send me every now and again some eyes or some glue or some tack free uv which is great for me as I don’t have a lot of spare cash with a family to feed so these things keep me doing what I love to do and that’s tying flies .

If I feel I want to put a link on my blog or website then I will (no I don’t get paid for it) because I believe it is a great product and I believe it’s a product that will help you make a better fly and it’s up to me what I write when I write about it and the reason smartarse that I always include links to stuff I’m writing about is quite simple , I was getting bogged down with emails and messages from people asking where I was getting the item from so it’s far easier for everyone to include a link .

If I was to write about some amazing fly that I had made but not tell anybody what the material was then I would be accused of being secretive and not want people to know what I was using and being better than everybody else these same arseholes would then be on my back about that as well see my point.

I really don’t care what product you use I use what I think is a good product if I think something has a problem I will mail the supplier to find out about the problem , in fact some time ago I received a sample of a new croc glue from nick at deercreek and I had a problem with getting the stuff out so I actually phoned nick and asked him about this and he said they were waiting for the proper bottles to come in for the glue so he stuck some in another bottle so I could try it he followed up by sending me the finished product in the proper bottle which by the way was great if I’d had a problem with the product I would have said in the review .

As I said I really don’t care what you use if it works for you fine if you want to pay £50 pounds for a kit fine or a better kit at £20.00 that’s your choice if you don’t like the product then don’t click the link simple

Heres a completely independent review of the stuff are you telling me this guy is using blatant advertising as well

I can’t comment on the laser stuff deercreek do I haven’t been sent one I haven’t asked for one if he wants to send me one then fine I’ll try it if not well that’s not a problem either if I find a review elsewhere ill post it on the site

Here’s something to think about 2 weeks or so ago I received a bottle of croc glue and a pack of gliss and glint plus, at the end of November I received some eyes and some small sample packs of new gliss and glint plus colours (enough for a couple of flies in each pack)…….does that count as selling out and major sponsorship you decide
I applaud nick for coming up with new products for the fly tier at reasonable prices and not ripping of the tier with high prices

I have known the guys at piketrek for a couple of years now when they first contacted me about their pikesaber rod and they wanted me to test one out which I duly did and I loved It best rod id ever used (and trust me I have used a few) so if somebody asks me what rod I’d recommend for pike fly fishing then off course I’m going to recommend a rod that I’ve actually used and caught fish on. What a dickhead if you think I’m going to recommend a rod to somebody just starting out that I’ve not used and as I’ve said before the best thing to do is try some out a rod is a very personal thing and what is good for one person may not be good for another .

The guys at pike trek and not businessmen they don’t want to rule the world all they want to do is bring products into the market for the pike fly fisher at a reasonable price and off course they ruffled a few feathers along the way I mean a company with a product out there at 8 pounds is not going to be impressed when the same product comes out at half that price of course there going to be pissed but for a long time fly tiers have been constantly overcharged for stuff (uv products) all the guys here are doing is funding there fishing they are anglers just like us not suits

I do tie a lot with their products pretty much the same as deercreek and yes I have links to their site because A- this is a mainly pike fly fishing blog B- there the only people out there with a site just for the pike fly tier it’s not rocket science is it really.

Another interesting thing when I went down to the fenland flyer charity event (with a few hundreds quid’s worth of flies as prizes must have missed you contribution to the charity Michael ) I met up with the guys from piketrek and had a chat with them as they were sponsoring the event as the big company’s couldn’t afford to give stuff away under the economic climate so piketrek stepped in to provide prizes and they gave also a hell of a lot of stuff away on the day in the way of materials I also had a few packs of materials from them , the last time I had anything from them was back in august when I had 2 sheets of eyes and a couple of packs of body material……….blimey that’s really pushy the boundaries of free stuff isn’t it I should eBay it and retire to the Bahamas on all this stuff I get .

Piketrek are also like deercreek committed to bringing you the best product at the best prices which I write about and give people the option of buying if they so wish I just point them in the direction of where I get the stuff I tie with again if you don’t like it don’t click the link ……..
Here is a link to the great site for the fly fisher that is global fly fisher
have a look at all those reviews all that stuff they get sent have you been over there and had a moan at them for writing about stuff actually I remember once I had a fly tying problem and couldn’t find a product i happened to go onto this site and there was a review for the very thing I needed so I followed the link and bought one , that was my choice they didn’t force me to buy it they wrote a review of a product that I needed and thanks to that review my problem was sorted .
One of the great American fly tying forums
oh look Michael and steffen sponsored by j stockyards quick you better get over there and have a moan about that as well imagine that how outrageous is that a fly-tying forum sponsored by a fly tying company , I just can’t see how they get away with that
Getting the point now numnuts
So get your facts straight pike and ferrets blog before you start shouting you mouth off i really don’t care if you like me or not I really don’t care if you visit my blog or not (obviously you do from your moaning about it) I do what I do because I love what I do and let me tell you I’ve been doing it a hellava long time even before the pffa existed in fact I still remember so called famous people coming to me for advice which I freely gave and still give. do you know last year I gave out not including the fenland flyer over 200 flies for people that were interested in pike fly fishing I do this for the promotion of the sport not for personal gain I received not one penny for this if there’s a product that’s out there that can make life easier then ill happily share it.

Writing reviews
When somebody contacts me and wants me to try a product out I’m more than happy to do this and I do not expect payment for doing it I tell people straight off that I will review the product and put a link to it either in my blog or website (I feel this is only fair to the person company sending it) and ill either write a review or do a video on the product after this if I use the product at some time in the future ill mention it and put a link in to the text which people can click on if they like up to them I don’t force them

I am not tied to any company’s at all so don’t have to hold back on reviews
Its also interesting to note that I have a lot of links to products websites and blogs and these I put up there because I use them and I pay hard cash for the stuff I use I’ve never approached these companies for free stuff yet i have the links on the pages

So there it is if you have a problem with anything I’m doing just mail me it isn’t hard my email address is in the top left-hand side of the blog and on the front pages of my websites
I thank all those people who do visit my blog and all the nice emails comments and friends I have made through it, unfortunately you’ll always get lemmings that listen and follow all the crap that gets thrown around and jump on the bandwagon without knowing the facts

This really is my last word on this and the last time I will write about it as I really do have better things to do if you don’t like what I write the solution is simple don’t visit the blog I isn’t holding a gun to your head fella


"thanks for the comment man appriciated"

"Well...couldn't have put it better myself! Well said bro. Got the same problem egomaniacal control freak website host wouldn't let me post on HIS most acclaimed STRIPERS forums because my blog had ads in it... "Keyboard Warriors", as you so politely named them,and "Web Nazis" are the worst...little people that can fight their insicurities and personal problems from behind a pomputer screen. Great flies, by the way..been fishing for pikes back home(Northern Italy )in the 80's and it was only me and a couple other guys then and everybody thought we were crazy or stupid; Imagine having the resources we have today! Keep up the great job..thank you"

and i really appriciate all the supportive emails , you know who you are

Tuesday 24 January 2012

Tying big predator flies and other stories

Tying big predator flies (and other stories)

The art of doing it

Making large flies isn’t as daunting as it looks sure there’s some real fancy arsed looking flies out there but don’t be put off from giving it a go, the only way you’ll learn to make flies is to keep practicing and your home made flies will catch the same if not more than that fancy made fly your saw on the internet and will probably out do it in terms of fly longevity as well the guy sitting in a tying house in Africa really doesn’t care if your fly falls apart after a couple of fish ,
Synthetics these days enable us as fly tiers to make supremely large pike fly’s and to be honest the only thing stopping you making monster flies well actually with today’s rods there’s nothing whatsoever from making and fishing the biggest of flies hell no.

but here’s the interesting thing all of the biggest fish I have caught over the magical 20 mark have come on small flies I’m talking 4 inches and under here , the my biggest fly caught pike to date is a stonking 25lb river Trent beast that took a small marabou baitfish fly in fact back then that was pretty much it for pike fly design a simple marabou pattern with a couple of googly eyes on a bronze bait holder hook with the holder shank barbs pressed down we were innovators back then having to make the best of it because nobody made stuff for us and actually with most companies back the catering in this country for the trout and salmon tier making pike flies was a bloody expensive exercise if you wanted to make anything over four or five inch’s
A bait holder hook this was all I had access to

Sunday blues

I work on weekends and I have to get up at stooped o’clock in the morning to get there on time and this weekend it was bloody freezing hence the hood and my back to the wind I wouldn’t have even fancied being out fishing today , I do have the distinct advantage though of being able to tie fly’s at work as regular readers of my mutterings will no doubt be aware I have burst of furious technical activity then 3 or four hours of nothing then another burst of activity so I tie flies in between , perfect

Travel kit

When I’m tying at work I have to think in advance what I’m going to be tying as there’s no way I can take everything (my bosses would have a fit) so I have a little hobby box that I can get the essential’s in hooks flash bobbins threads glues etc. and more importantly it fits into my work bag.

Bag o tails

so as I had decided what I was trying in advance (thunder creeks) so in addition to my hobby box I have a random supermarket bag to carry them in, couple of weird looks on the bus to work right there, I’ve included a few different colours in the bag, I’m doing some saltwater kits at the moment so I picked colours that were salty in nature and colours that I’ve used successfully in the past built into thunder creeks which are a fantastic little fly and will catch you fish no matter where your fishing , I’ll be using minnow patterns for trophy trout in the summer of course in this country fly fishing for trout with anything other than a size 28 dry fly on a silk leader is considered not sporting and is frowned upon from a great height , jezus h Christ if a fish eats another fish it’s a predator right so what the feck is the problem , well none in my book trout got teeth I’m fishing for em end off .

My office desk

This was me set up for my 9 hour shift great work if you can get it eh, I realise I’m quite lucky with this so I tend not to rock the boat too often, the vice im using is one I’ve had sitting on my desk at home for ages, can’t even think where I got it from to be honest but it’s got a really solid heavy base and it holds hooks up to size 9/0. To be honest it looks like one of those really cheap vices you get with starter kits but does the job and means I don’t have to disassemble my proper vice

first out the block is 10 of these 4/0 thunder creeks cracking little flies (ok at 4/0 not so little) I really enjoy tying them and haven’t done any for a while , I decided to give the heads a coat of deercreeks tack free uv and I was bloody delighted with the outcome a nice sealed shinny head that the flash peaks through how is a fish goanna resist this I’m also thinking perch in my local may well have a Nash at this as well as the saltwater species simple to make but bloody deadly , sometimes it really is just too easy.

Home grown UV 3D eyes

So I’d made up a load of the flies above and I needed to do a load of small pink flies so after I did the first one I went to put the eyes on and discovered I hadn’t bought the tiny 3d eyes with me now this was a bit of a bummer but then I had an idea, what if I just did it the old fashioned way and draw them on with black pen yup that would work and hang on what if I added some of deercreeks tack free uv to build up the eyes that may work problem solved and looking good as you can see below whoop whoop and so easy to do

I suspect I may be playing with this a bit more in the future on my tiny fry patterns

Brother and fellow fluff nutcase ken capsey over at pike adventures has been doing some really good stuff with the tallywacker so I decided I needed to get back to doing some big and beautiful natural flies after getting the inspiration I hit the vice and kicked a few out

Although this looks like a massive bulky fly it’s actually very light tied on a 6/0 hook the material is just placed on in small clumps so it’s actually plenty of hook gape the picture really doesn’t do the fly justice plenty of movement with the long Metz feathers some long lengths of flashabou and a single marabou feather tied into the front gives it ultimate movement, really enjoyable fly to tie

Slightly different version just with buck tail instead of the marabou feather and I’ve made the tail with gliss and glint plus to bulk out the length and add some flash and also give the tail feathers something to sit on , giving the impression of a bulky bait but actually being again very light despite its size . something else as well is the colour of the feathers, blue is a very underrated colour for the freshwater pred head no idea why more people don’t use it to be honest great in deep-water give blue a try for a few casts try it out I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised may even give you the edge over you mates

sexy maribou

As I said at the start of this post marabou was pretty much it when it came to fly tying materials was back in the dark ages (I couldn’t even get hold of full buck tails back then) so if I wanted a bit of length on a fly id add a couple of cape feathers as in the fly above, strangely enough despite all the fish I caught in the early days on marabou flies with the advent of new materials and new methods of tying big flies I’ve kind of left these patterns by the wayside a bit so I’m going to go and tie a load up and revisit my early successful days in fact by the time you have read this I will have already gone and done a video for one all being well it should be below , it’s also a great fly to make if your new to fly tying as it doesn’t involve any complicated methods to make and it will catch you just as many fish give it a go

And finally
Guess the fly pattern

Really that’s got to sting

Have a great week folks

(A cave in Scotland)

Sunday 15 January 2012

breamer streamer and fly storage


For me it’s always been a problem finding the right storage for flies and for many and may I say I’ve been quite happy with the finsport wallet above especially when I’m traveling light but it does have its limitations when it comes to the likes of deer hair or bulky patterns , you see this wallet I think was always designed with the saltwater angler in mind and smaller patterns so when you get to using big flies for pike , once you get a few in the wallet it tends to start bulking up a little too much for my liking although that’s just a personal thing , but when you start chucking deer hair patterns like sub bugs into then it causes a slight problem as it starts to squeeze the deer hair out of shape which doesn’t look too hot to be honest so I started to look around for a suitable replacement that I could but in my boat box (I will still use the finsports though especially when I saltwater fishing as they are perfect for that , no metal parts to rust

One two 3 lock box

I was out with the wife shopping last week and I came across a very cool storage box that looked almost identical to my plano box that I have in my boat box so I picked a couple up as they were fairly cheap and quite sturdy as well and I was pretty sure they were the same size as the planos, I stood and held one staring at it for what must have been quite some time as an assistant came over and asked if I was ok and could she get me chair , she soon buggered off when I said no thanks dear I’m just looking to see how many flies I could get into it , god knows what she must have thought as she walked off probably I was breeding blue bottles or something ………oh well

So the insides of the box have lots of little compartments, these spacers just lift out giving you multiple compartments of whatever size you like

Ok so below is 7 of my original foam filled video boxes from my boat box and believe it or not the entire contents of those boxes fits into one box (above) I was pleasantly surprised because it means that I can now take even more flies fishing with me whoop whoop …. Anybody who knows me will know exactly how much I enjoy testing flies in the water watching them do their thing and when I catch fish on them well even better , but I got to say I was quite surprised at the amount I got into one box

Whats in the box -Regular readers will know this is how my boat box usually looks I have lots of flies stuck on foam on the inside the reason for this is that these are flies I use regular and this was the flies I was using deeper at the end of last season when I get back out I will probably use the same stuff as here but with a few new patterns (the breamer streamer. later in this post) and as the temps warm up ill have a load of sub bugs on there as well I usually then have two set ups on the boat one being a floating outfit especially for subbuggin in shallower water. Well it would be a crime not too

so back to the boxes as you can see I’ve cleared all the video boxes out and replaced them with the bigger storage option and actually it does and will make things a lot more tidy and organized on the boat for a change and I will actually be buying another couple to use .
I will still be using the other boxes and wallets and to be honest I can’t bear the thought of an empty box lying there without flies in so by the time you read this ill have already started to fill them with spares , not that my flies fall apart or anything its just that I do tend to give a lot away to people on the bank and to boat partners in fact one boat partner never buys flies as he says its bloody pointless when he’s fishing with me ……ha

( a new colour added to the gliss and glint plus range)

I got sent this new colour to have a look at and give an opinion on and as soon as I took it out the packet I thought mmmmmmm that would make a nice skimmer bream pattern or I may even stretch to a smelt pattern for bass in the surf, of course soon as I start thinking that I just have to go and start tying stuff up hey sorry it’s in my blood got to be done , I can really see me doing a lot of combos with colour and flash I really like it a lot

It has a lovely almost pearlescent flash running through it along with some thicker strands of what looks like gold crystal flash I don’t know but I do know it looks bloody good and will really look great in the water


The first one off the line and although not quite a bream in shape it really does look like a very appetizing baitfish and believe it or not took me around 3 mins to make this 7 inch snack, the belly is just a plain white gliss and glint plus and the top is breamer streamer I’ve also added for extra real effect some deercreek gator eyes, the hook is a bog standard 6/0 octopus hook available from pretty much anywhere , the other thing I like about this colour combo is that it looks like a dying fish you must have all seen at some point a dead or dying small shoal fish floating past you I think this colour is being added to the range around about now so if you want to order some head on over to and give nick a mail if you want to purchase these very fly’s ready-made they will be with nick as limited editions hopefully by the end of this week.

with very little actual fishing happening for me just now due to family and weather im most certainly looking forward to a few weeks’ time when I can actually get out and throw some fluff it does get very frustrating when you make up some killer fly’s and you can’t get out to fish them but will be soon enough when I get some more rod bending action like below in the meantime I’ll just keep churning them out at the vice

if you fancy a bargain head over to they have their Jan sale on just now and there is some bargains to be had , although one thing you won’t find on pretty much any fly tying site is human hair well let me explain , sometimes my wife goes a bit mental and decides to cut her own hair (don’t ask she’s a redhead) so while she wasn’t looking I collected up all the bits and stored them away . well I finally got them out the other day and made this little baitfish on a 6/0 hook ok maybe not so little


Its named after a night on the beer not anything to do with my wife honest (if she’s reading this) , you see it’s supposed to be true that women catch bigger fish something to do with pheromones apparently and there is indeed reports of ladies indeed catching massive fish so who knows maybe there’s something in it , and I’ll be putting it to the test with this fly in the future , and if it turns out to be true then many wife’s across the country may go suddenly bald overnight viva the revolution

(a cave in Scotland)

Friday 6 January 2012

the art of crossover flies and memory loss

Crossover flies
(The art of flies for everything)

So what is a crossover fly well it’s pretty much any fly that can be used for pretty much any species salt or fresh water, in the uk we don’t have nearly the same amount of species that our fluff chucking long lost relatives across the pond have and to be honest if your fly fishing for anything other than trout or salmon in this country your still regarded as a bit of a freak by both game and trout anglers, luckily opinions are changing although I still get a few odd looks

Colours can be really whatever you like and this colour above does work very well in the salt water especially for Pollock I’m not sure if the combo of yellow and black is something the fish associate with a food source in the sea, I’m not sure but this has always been good for me around rock marks , but then really we don’t really for sure know what colours a fish sees in the water so for all I know it could be the perfect imitation of a baby fish I really don’t know but it works so that’s the main thing . I’m also guessing from experience that this would do well for smallies as well.

Crossing over

So from small 1/0 saltwater flies I know ramp it up to a 4/0 pike pattern basically the same pattern but all ive done is tied it with more bucktail to give it bulk and uv creeked a set of eyes on to make it more baitfish like, but you really don’t need to it will still catch fish without the additions , so with this plucky alrounder there a million colour combos you could use so you can match the hatch pretty much with any localized colours , of course the other thing is you can churn out loads of them as well in a very short space of time check the video below to see how to make em …….

Back to monsters

I’m a member of a great American fly tying forum and the hot core fly I do raised a few eyebrows and I had a few questions coming forward about one particular fly so rather than spend hours typing away , which to be honest cuts into my tying time I decided just to do a video (below) seemed to be the easiest way although why on earth it takes nearly 2 hours to upload a video that just under 10 mins long is beyond me maybe I’m doing something wrong bloody technology …….anyway here it is

"And remember folks every time you click on the video I get money for it so that will be only another 100 million plays and I can buy the family a snickers bar to share"

My day starts slowly

You know it’s so bloody cold just now I sometimes have to work myself up into the Zen state for tying so normally what I do is tie something completely different up to my normal monster baitfish , so I sat at the vice today and remembered that I had had a drunken skype video call with brother ken from pike adventures and we had decided to tie something up now the problem was I can’t actually remember what id talked to him about so ken apologies brother we will need to re schedule whatever it was …lol
So I decided to to tie up something else in the absence of memory and headed down the route of getting my perch box for summer up and running so I decided to warm myself up with a cruncher pattern with rubber legs I know for a fact that this will catch fish , its one of those patterns that when you make it and look at it in the vice you think mmmm yup that’s gonna work , its pretty much just a long shanked streamer hook cone head , rabbit fur dubbing and some green and orange sparkly dubbing throw in a couple of rubber legs and hey ho cool pattern …
im off just now to watch what looks like its going to be a very cool dvd called the dead drift from stealth films ill report back with a review in the next few days I flick it on when I got it and the film looks stunning crystal clear water and big browns .

Of course none of this helps when you can’t get out to fish but hey soon

(a cave in Scotland)

Monday 2 January 2012

wow deer creek push it again

I'm excited again , deer creek have been raising the bar again i for one am really looking forward to trying this stuff on big pike heads and i can just imagine the poss


you gotta ask the question why pay up to £50 pounds for inferior kits that are not even tack free

The main advantages of the laser cured resin is cure time and the depth of resin the laser can penetrate. This means you can really pile this resin on which is great when making flies like surf candies etc. and still have the piece of mind it will cure quickly and tack free!!

Unlike other top resins (which shall remain nameless) this new product dries hard and totally tack free in a matter of 2 or 3 seconds (depending on depth of resin).

The laser itself has been designed with a specific wavelength for curing resins of this type and is very economical to run as it takes standard aaa batteries.

The kits will retail at £29.99 making them the best value for money pro kit around