Friday 12 September 2014

What I did on my vacation

 What I did on my vacation
(or reasons to be cheerful part 1 2 3)

Anyway ive had a pretty shit year and its almost a year since my sleezeball ex wife decided that well now id worked my arse to the ground so she could become a teacher and earn shit loads of money it would be fine to rip the family apart as she all of a sudden didn’t like me anymore and kicked me out ………………pretty scummy thing to do in my book after 10 years of good family life and I don’t fooking care if she reads this at least I see my son most days but hey im a nice guy and I wish her well as the pull her from the wreckage karmas a bastard huh …………….

So with that ive been pretty busy with work and doing what I do is quite stressful so fly tying is a great coping with the trials of life you know I was in a very bad place in my head and I did visit my gp where I was diagnosed with something pretty shit mentally that could be treated with drugs, but you know that really wernt for me , now I know theres help out there and hell theres nothing at all wrong with taking it and nothing un manly about accepting help , dont live in a bubble but as I said it wasn’t for me I had a few very good friends who helped me out the hole

And of course there was my other family the bunch of weirdos and oddballs who smell , belch pick there noses and generally shake shit up , I am of course talking about my deercreek family that bunch of ragtag oddballs that tie for what is probably the greatest tying team on the planet , not following the rules and not caring ,left to do there own shit they come up with some of the best stuff on the planet these guys and gals put love on a hook , so if I mix all that up I had a pretty good team behind me who gave me the tools I needed to get through the dark days so


Because we are a bunch of oddballs somebody stuck up a picture of a small fly on our own private
 No access psyc ward page for the pro team and never one to back down from a challenge I came up with this, pretty much using white gliss and glint some angel hair and the eyes finished with diamond fine now excuse me I think this is the dogs bollocks and ive had no end of trout peeps wanting to purchase these, but you know it aint all about the money folks its zen  


Ok so great flies in the box various patterns can we move on now please just seems like facebook is flooded with these just now if you want to see some great original fly tying just head over to master lees blog the guy that opened the pattern up for us all


The repercussions from the stirling angling fair continue with conan the arsearian still moaning about his missing glass, now I can honestly say I aint got it and the finger of suspicion is still points towards the gypsy yellow dancer tier   , the things you have to do to prove your innocence and I got him the bloody thing in the first place   


Scrummy scrummy food time , yup flies that you could just eat well obviously you wouldn’t but there like really cool and bet you wish you could , you could always give em too the fish to eat and share the fast food love

Hook – 7/0 mcfluffchucker bait fish special
Body – lime /olive and white gliss and glint plus
Throat – kola crazy
Eye – 9mm green roachie crystal eyes
Finished with diamond fine uv

Now go and make em heres a video on the style 

When the creek boys party the creek boys party in the background is pro team member richy Anthony peeing behind a rock , this will be a common sight the night scotland gains its independence , we scots can hold a lot of beer it saves losing our place at the bar 


Mr Robert burns


Well actually there’s a few things missing but as far as fisherman’s breakfasts go it will do, one sausage though what kind of crap value for money is that, I did however steal the solid silver toast rack so I could sell it to buy doughnuts

While I was on holiday with work (yes I have to go on holidays) I spotted this sign on a beach in largs and I thought it was pretty poignant as to where I was heading at the time  

But obviously I got a sign from an old god and actually I was going in a pretty good direction because while I was away the only this I could think about was getting back and tying flies , at this point I realised I was getting my karma back . I needed to get back and get some love on the hook so heres a couple of pics of the flies I tied in one of the new videos and gotta say a big shout out to all the positive messages from folks wanting videos hey you wanted it so you got it .

Of course you know not everyone likes my videos but you know you'll always see a couple of thumbs downs on them usual keyboard warriors who don’t even give me a clue as to why they don’t like it but you know I traced them back and oh surprise its other tiers from other company's how sad “wankers”

But you know wouldn’t it be far easier if there was something you didn't like, then leave a bloody comment and I can fix it after all I never claim to be a professional I just do it cause I love it  and if I can improve stuff then let me know  

Blending flees 

Im really into blending gliss and glint just now and you can get some  colours combos  the possibility’s are really endless again if you search my youtube channel there is a video on blending this amazing material  go check it out in the mean time heres a video on smaller flys , because smaller flys rock 

 Small fly video 

Ok im out and about again this time at the amazing flyfest event in Cumbria 

Please get down and support this amazing event because its worth it ill be spending most of my time making pike stuff obviously, and it would be great to see ya there and have a chat , as folks who have seen me at events before im more than happy to demo any sort of predator fly using deercreeks materials just ask , there’s some great tiers here so pop along heres the link

for those waiting for a review of the rock river rods rod well im still waiting for it
 to arrive post office is shocking that’s like over a month now im going to be running out time to fish
 it before winter steps in

custom blending gliss n glint plus

you know ive not been fishing too much this year , I got out a few weeks again with the destroyer but unfortunalty I got sick and had to come in , I ended up sleeping in conans car before throwing up in the woods , I then had to take a couple of days off work as well which is a real pisser onwards and upwards though eh  

amen brothers and sisters
love from the cave