Monday 14 July 2014

off course i can tell you were all the pike are



im so darn excited to be able to try one off these rods shortly ive heard so many great things about them from the states they seem to really be able to do the business 

There philosophy

Being out on the water is what makes it all worthwhile.  The idea of Rock River Rods was born from fishing in a variety of situations, talking to fellow anglers, and realizing that there had to be a way to deliver versatility and quality at a fair price.  Let's face it - price does matter, but with angling gear it seems like the gulf between what you pay for and what you get has grown considerably.  We're ready to change that

There process
 We like to tinker.  Every item we offer has been extensively developed, tested, broken down, and re-tested. We like to fish so it doesn't take much to get us out there to try a new rod or a modified reel.  Our products are designed to be used and enjoyed by all abilities - beginner to expert and they are tested exhaustively before they're put into production and brought to market.

There team

We feel that you can never have too much feedback, good or bad, about a product.  We work hard to get input from weekend warriors, guides, pros, and everyday enthusiasts.  We are currently the only fly fishing rod manufacturer to offer a true pro-model rod and actively seek the advice, ideas, and musings of other anglers who share our passion and drive.  This expanding team helps ensure that while we aren't reinventing the wheel, we're definitely building a better mousetrap

There goal

Ultimately, we hope that you enjoy fishing with our gear and you keep going back for more... because shouldn't fishing be about having fun

I can live with that philosophy

Tying 101

Return of the maribou

Kicking back with some pretty easy streamer designs with marabou and gator eyes can’t really do much wrong with these and they certainly catch a lot of fish for clients , the eyes are sealed with a coat of diamond hard uv  often copied never bettered and still tack free ……..

Ok ill be the first to admit im not a massive fan of these fishheadz things but I thought id give em a go on some marabou flies and on first glance they actually look ok but I suppose the proof is in the casting which I shall be doing next week with a bit luck be really interested to see how they work in action I need to make a few more as the destroyer is fishing with me so he will want some no doubt lol

Whats a fly without decent eyes , I really love the steelhead eyez from deercreek , ok well we aint got steelhead in the uk , but they are great for roach patterns , and when your doing quite a generic simple pattern with marabou feathers its just what you need to spice the fly up and give it a target point for predators , now I will say here and know deercreek have always been the world leaders in fly eye technology and just bear in mind when you buy inferior eyes, there eyes have been extensively tested  by the pro team not just copied and printed and sold with no regard to how they work or look

New hookage 

Oh yes my new hooks have arrived these are 7/0 and designed for using when making big baitfish patterns , the balance for getting hooks just right is actually quite critical to how the fly moves in the water a thing a lot of so called 10 min experts in pike fly tying experts forget , you see a fly (I always wonder about calling it a fly)  has to move in a specific way to emulate a baitfish , for example , if your trying to emulate a wounded baitfish in the water , the last thing you want is a hook that’s too heavy because all that’s going to do is sink really quickly and look unnatural as you try and strip and pause it through the water .

Imaging a pike sitting there mid water and it sees what it perceives as a struggling or dying bait fish you really need to have that fly stopping and pausing before it slowly starts sinking before you strip and pause it again to try and get the interest of that fish and hopefully get it to strike, so imaging that situation with the pike but with 2 very different hooks, have a look below at the picture 

These 2 hooks are pretty much the same in essence except one is offset, now if you were using the hook on the left your fly would drop very slowly on the pause , whereas the one on the right would sink like a stone when you paused simply because it weighs twice as much as the one on the left so what pike sees is either a natural looking fish pattern or something which looks very unnatural when it stops and drops fast , because remember hooks don’t have swim bladders do they , so its really something to think about when tying big bait fish patterns , its not just a case of chucking some material on a hook you have to think about how its going to behave and how hook weight will effect the movement of the fly in the water …..Think like a fish folks, of course the pike may not give a rat’s arse but it could give you the edge on a hard day

Off course you could just go through every fly in the box like I do sometimes but I just love seeing the flies in the water 

A big shout out to

Gabriel Orellana Mancilla
The happiest fly angler ive ever seen 

Gabriel is yet again taking em down in Belgium on my flies , hes just a catching machine just now, so delighted to stick his picture on the blog and nice to see a great realise picture for a change no doubt will be seeing a lot more of his flsh on my flies on the page …………….gliss and glint plus rocks

His message to me

Hey dave lindsay  your flies are fukking good! Thanks mate!!!!

Pretty much says it all

Give me a fishing spot wont tell honest

On one of the many facebook groups I belong too a shall we say discussion arose about people naming waters and people wanting to know where to fish , well to be honest its really cheating a bit isn’t it I mean bloke a gives bloke b a place to fish and even the exact spot where bloke a had a great days fishing with x amount of fish , now bloke b turns up at that spot the bloke a told him about on facebook and catches a few fish , bloke b thinks hes a great angler er no

What the bloke should have done was to do a google search i.e Scottish lochs and get a result like below 

Now me posting this is nothing controversial and im giving nothing away that isn’t public domain but what you see is over 25 lochs in one small area, so what bloke b should of done is picked a water find out any relavant info tickets etc and turn up , find pikey looking areas , find baitfish, chuck in fly , lure or bait and have a go I mean it aint really rocket science is it

Google search an area find a loch and do the bloody legwork if you want to just turn up catch a fish and be an instant angler turn up to a stocked trout fishery pay your money and catch a fish, if you want to be a real angler do the legwork get out on the bank use your watercraft (if you have any) , I once fished a water in Derbyshire for 6 months because I had a felling it would have a decent fish in it , I chucked fly after fly into that stinking pond and then one day I caught a 20lb fish from it , that one moment made every single cast into that place worth it because my instinct had been right the legwork had been worth it I never fished that place again , I got the maps out and moved on . that is the thrill of the chase and the pleasure  of the catch , would I have got that if I had been told where to go …….no don’t think so get the maps out people especially in scotland you could use up a lifetime searching them that’s being an angler .

Do you really think if youd done that amount of work on a water youd stick it up on a social media site, jesus Christ no, the next weekend youd have the buckfast brigade all over the place leaving all manner of crap on the banks or worse having some cultures turning up emptying the place and eating all the fish believe me ive seen it happen and it aint pretty think on people its your sport

Im going to sign of with a picture of a rock n roll trout fly tier having a sleep at my place to avoid embarrassment about sleeping in a my little pony duvet im not going to you it’s the destroyer 

Tight lines and happy tying folks
(a cave in scotland)

Wednesday 2 July 2014

Pokin the hornets nest , dont mess with family

Pokin the hornets nest


 Time for a major rant 

You know most of you my lovely readers are on facebook and it’s a fantastic way of communicating , and for us fly fishermen and fisherwoman it has infinite possibilities in the realms of fly tying help , ideas , materials and connects fellow fly fishers across the world and im pretty sure 99% of people will have gained at  least a little knowledge or an idea for a fly through the wealth of knowledge that’s out there and everyday I see amazing flies by amazing people from all over the world so let me ask a question take a look at the picture below

What do you see, does this picture offend you or do you like me see as in any fly picture you see on the internet a fly made with love and dedication using the finest of materials and putting together using ideas from many of the fine flies I see on facebook or the internet but with my slant on it , when you look at this does it annoy you or do you find my logo in the corner offensive , no why would you, your looking at the fly arnt you , do you really care im part of the deercreek family , no I thought not your looking at the fly, its up to you if you go over to the deercreek website im not forcing you to do anything all im doing is showing my work and something I love to do , just so happens im a member of one of the closest pro familys on the planet , loyal friends and I mean friends who are like family to me and have helped me through some bad times and made me who I am today, but you don’t need to know my story all I do is tie flies and put the pictures up and have my logo in the corner like a million other fly pictures on facebook …….

So what am I getting at well theres always some fookin high and mighty asshole who thinks they knows it all im sure youll have come across one of these bottom dwellers at one time or another and you know most of the time I stay quiet on such things and indeed its been a few years since I came across an idiot I need to speak out against

Meet texas goldcounter 

This idiot(name changed to avoid embarrassment)  decides to go on facebook and kick up a fuss because he was sick of seeing the deercreek logo on lots of flies and deer creek product being mentioned everywhere , he even had the audacity to call somebody’s flies decidedly ropey on facebook , now im sorry but everybody has to start somewhere at one point my flies were ropey and mabey some still are , but im like a sponge I soak up knowledge and techniques and then pass this on for zero cost of course doing something for nothing is not in mr goldcounters best interest and of course using the materials I use people will go seek those materials out unfortunately he dosnt stock them on his site so probably dosnt like it all this promotion for another website , but to call someones flies ropey is fookin well out of order , of course even the ropey flies are hand made by people who fish for the fish they are tied for not some mass made African shite like on his site but hey everybody to his own eh , and besides the deercreek team is a fantastic unit of talented people who do what they do for the love of what they do ,

All I really got to say about this idiot is , he actually tried to tell a friend of mine that there were no sea bass of the coast of wales and then tried to sell him flies to catch the fish that wernt there  , really ive never laughed so much in my life 

a large bass caught near tenby which is in er…………………wales

Get the point, so called experts need to keep it zipped and never diss a mans flies you aint all that and I aint afraid to out you, threaten all you want family is family you picked on the wrong family  

So to a lighter note

What I did on my vacation, well actually dispute the lack of activity on here I have been up to my ears in stuff , I work a really stressfull job in mental illness so that keeps me very focused and I do get somewhat drained when I get home , I also am booked up with lots of fly orders and im tying a few very sexy experimental flies and jesus I really hope to get out fishing soon im getting sever withdrawal symptoms , one design im doing at the moment involves tying trolling flies for trolling the big Scottish lochs  and although I cant show you the patterns as they belong to the creator of the colours I can say its been an interesting experience doing these as ive moved on a hellava lot from my original designs like below

The whole purpose of tying these in the first place was to have a rod set up on a sinking line so when I move from spot to spot I could troll this behind in the hope of a bonus fish or two, ok not traditional but hey pike fly fishing aint trad either, so when I get a mail from the king of the Scottish lochs “brain” I was happy to help design something for his needs and the dude is pretty series about his ferox hunting let me tell you

So was happy to get involved in the project to help nail some of these beasties 

And its ongoing so watch this space , the only thing I can say is the flies look the dogs bollox and work very well in the water ………….operation status ongoing

So I had a problem recently 

Online retailer pikeshak decided to stop retailing basically I think he wanted to spend more time fishing , so with this I lost my supply of fastach clips , which if you’ve never used them are bloody fantastic for changing flies fast and ive been using them for a couple of years now and im well happy with them , ok if you only use one fly all day then sure use a jam knot 

Great knot I use it with authanic wire for subbugs but for other flies I use the fasttach because I tie a lot of flies im constantly changing flies to see what they look like in the water and these are the dogs for fast fly change im delighted to have found them at

I use the 50lb and 75lb ones the destroyer will be delighted as he has nearly run out of the ones I have lent him lol

So what else is new well deercreeks uv resin continues to take the world by storm as the only non tacky uv out there 

Don’t belive me well try it for yourself unlike other uv resins this really is the best out there, and used by the likes of davie mcfail , fred hannie , dave hise , father christmas in fact some of the best names out there , probably explains why other companies are trying to post the tiers from the deercreek team ………ha ha ha no luck clear goo if your in the states you can purchase deercreek product here 

why wouldn’t you viva the revolution stuff the oldboys network be a free thinker not a follower

 A favourite fly with a head finished with diamond hard uv and made with gliss and glint plus and on the subject of flies heres some I made earlier enjoy 

So my fine friends I shall sighn off for a few weeks while I do some tying and catching up with brother ken in Vermont and the crusty weed tart the destroyer hes been fairly quite lately as hes been in a padded room but I believe we will be fishing sometime shortly

So what else is on the cards well im trying to plan a trip to a remote place in the fens for a few days for those elusive zander I have some pike fishing to do on my local and try and get one of the really hard to catch bloody perch , I also have some cool ideas I need to put on hooks which starts today , im taking a lot of ideas from flies for east coast usa sea fish and changing them around a bit to suite my needs , gliss and glint plus features quite highly in these builds 

Eat fluff 
The views represented in this blog are purely my own views not of any company I may be associated with so go f@@k

(a cave in scotland)