Sunday 20 December 2020

robert the roach destroys


ok who stole 2020 , yea ok i know its been a rap year for a majority of reasons , covid being one of them the other lack of fishing due to my dodgy knee and having been very very busy with fly orders .

all my plans for this year seen to have vanished into thin air i got out to film a bit of footage on my casting flies but other than that not a lot , i found the pain was becoming so intense i had to stick to shorter sessions than i would have liked but now i seem to be on a level plain with meds ill see how next year goes but i still have a lot of the same plans to follow through with so stay tuned .

fly tying video 

the video below was done a few days ago by request as a few folks had wanted to tye flies but were not sure where to start so i made a short video for those wanting to start enjoy 

ill be hopefully doing a few more next year so if you want to see something just shout 

meanwhile on youtube eu angler has also been doing some damage in the midlands 
check this out on his channel he does some great videos

so in other news my new designed fly Robert the roach in the full metal racket range has been devastating fish around the country with some truly devastating catches and this beauty from a river by angler gareth love 

gareth said this on his twitter account "Couple of hours on the water before the long drive home for Christmas. 28.2lb (literally 1 meal away from breaking my PB of 28.8lb) which I'm pretty sure is the big girl I lost back on the 2nd of December as she was in the exact same place as I lost whatever it was that day after a good 5 min scrap. 22.9lb, 19.4lb and a smaller fish which I never weighed. One of the best scraps I've had for a long time. The big girl would literally come in until the leader was visible and stay low, then as soon as I started pulling her up she would go mad. Run off into the current and take the entire 30' head and about 10' of running line with her. This happened God knows how many times before I even got to see what it was. I genuinely thought it was a massive catfish as I've heard rumours of them popping up in this particular area of the river. All caught on the fly again (@mcfluffchucker roach pattern) literally fished this river with lures since I moved down in March, exact same areas and only a handful of jacks and a couple of low doubles, definitely weary clever fish. Probably seen every lure and dead bait going by now, but they ain't seen flys by the look of  it. 
gareth has actually caught a ton of fish on the full metal racket including these 

what makes this more incredible is the pics below most of the fish were taken in one session 

 that by any standards is incredible angling his outfit was as follows 

 #9 GRC combo kit, airflow sniper WF pike intermediate line and full metal rackets robert the roach and brian the bream patterns  

ok so if you want to get hold of these devastating flies here is the link 

so folks stay tuned and hope you make the most of the uks lockdowns and get out and fish for a while , see you from various locations in the uk next year theres a hint  

year of the roach 

and a few more to the full metal rackets enjoy 

and one on a normal fly 

a cave in scotland